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Psilocybin Mushrooms

An awakening to a higher level of consciousness; a thinning of the barrier that defines the physical and spiritual; a portal to the healing and recovery of a broken mind. 

These are some of the descriptions made by individuals on their experiences after consuming the magic mushroom.

Long associated with the mysterious and lost rituals of the ancient Celts, the magic mushrooms have built their reputation to be one of the most unique plants ever studied by man. 

The active ingredients of these mushrooms psilocybin and psilocin are known for inducing vivid hallucinations; a phenomenon the ancient druids described as ‘gaining insight’.

The Ceremony

The psilocybin ceremony describes a brief experience of the transcendent. An awakening to more than is normally available to the senses. 

‘‘I think the most transformative of these was a guided trip on psilocybin, during which I experienced the complete dissolution of my ego—I could see the entity formerly understood as me “out there” spread over the landscape like a coat of paint. Yet there was still some recording “I” taking in the scene, a sort of disembodied, dispassionate awareness. Though temporary, that perspective was transformative.’’

Says best-selling author Michael Pollan describing his psilocybin ceremony.

Simply put, the ceremony is the ‘divine’ state of altered consciousness and embodies transcending the limits of natural human perception to positively affect life and awareness.

Blessed with these mushrooms, we are given the opportunity to connect with the natural force that flows through all there is, ultimately opening our true eyes to enable us to see and better appreciate life. 

plant medicine, plant medicine ceremony, shamanic healing, shamanic weekend retreats, psychedelic mushrooms, psilocybin mushrooms, magic mushroom, Shrooms,
plant medicine

Psilocybin Ceremony What it is and Not

The ceremony does not define all the preparations made, it’s not what is done, and is certainly not the dances. It’s not the journey towards but is the destination. It’s not the experiment but is the result. 

The ceremony gives you a safe space, void of prying eyes, to face uncomfortable parts of your life, and let go of past traumas by tapping into the purifying energy on the other side of your altered state.

It is a portal to wisdom and hidden truths. The sprouted mushrooms are just an extension of a much larger organism underground. These can be hundreds of years old, and the Celts believed they contained ancient wisdom gained over the centuries.

The Three Phases; 

Psilocybin Ceremony Preparatory Phase

Getting into the right mental state prior to your ceremony is perhaps the most important point to note if you want to maximize the experience. What you do days, weeks, or months before your ceremony directly affects your state of mind and ultimately the results of your ceremony.

The preparatory phase encapsulates:

What You Know

What do you know about the mushrooms, about psychology, and about their effect on the human brain? 

This is based on your personal research into the world of psychedelics. This is especially important for those who have never had a ceremony before. You want to read books, browse the net and hear from experienced people, all in a bid to acquire information on all the mushrooms are about. 

What you know about the mushrooms beforehand will directly affect what you expect from your experience and help you get prepared.

Your Perceptions of Mushroom

What do you believe the mushrooms will do for you? As an extension of what you expect, how you see them will directly affect what you gain from your ceremony. 

The mushrooms will give you what you want, so it’s important to not limit your expectations.

Do you see them just as drugs to get high? Or as intelligent organisms coded with ancient wisdom you are meant to find? As mere molecules? Or as intelligent beings that can lead your mind on a journey to normally inaccessible dimensions for inspiration?

As a millennial, you might have become accustomed to providing a scientific explanation for every phenomenon. You only want to believe in what can be proven.

How you see the mushrooms, is personal and all up to you.

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What Experience Will you Have

Do you want to face your fears? Do you want to gain wisdom or inspiration relating to your field? Do you just want to escape from reality? Do you want to let go of past trauma or start on a journey to healing from a psychological disorder?

You must clearly define what you seek to gain from the ceremony. 

Writing down or sharing what you’re looking for will give you a clear idea and will help you create a sense of direction in your altered state. You won’t just float around in the transcended, but will move intentionally and quickly towards that which you seek.

Defining what you know about the mushrooms, the experience, how you see the mushrooms, and what you are looking for, will put you in a mental state of expanded capacity, in order to grasp what will be revealed to you. 

Know that the mushrooms will work with what is in your mind, so careful preparation is necessary.

The Experience

After preparing your mind, it’s time for the ceremony. It’s necessary to get comfortable as well as prepare your environment or physical container. Where you do your ceremony is the physical container that will be absorbed into your mental space, so it must be ready.

This covers whether you want to be alone or in the midst of people as in a retreat.

You want a safe ceremonial space where you can let go of your insecurities. When with people, it is helpful if you share your fears beforehand, as this will keep your mind at ease knowing you have the freedom to express yourself without fear of judgment.

Keep Record

Once your experience has started, it is advised that you have a pen and journal nearby. 

One of the most remarkable effects of the psilocybin ceremony is that it brings to life normally ‘dormant’ neural networks in the brain. You are suddenly detached from your ego and sense of self and are purely in a transcended state that is not limited by your normal logic. 

As a result, whether you are a student, an entrepreneur, a craftsman, or an established career man or woman, it is likely you will receive inspiration on new ways to do things, gain insight and see patterns on topics related to whatever field of study you are into. 

Keep a record of whatever idea or thought that comes to your mind, no matter how trivial it might seem. When you become sober, you will have something to meditate on and will likely see how it all makes sense.

Control by Surrendering

It is about keeping an open mind, and surrendering to the experience as it unfolds. Keep in mind that while your experience might be pleasant on one of the spectrum, it may be unpleasant on the other end. However, these are the necessary pieces that must be put together to complete the puzzle of your mind’s healing. 

After The Ceremony; the Integration Phase

The real change to your life is determined by what you do after the ceremony. This is called the integration phase. Being in a group of people is a powerful way to kick-start your integration phase, where you can share ideas and inspiration you gained together.

Whether your experience was pleasant or not, it is advisable to seek guidance from a Shaman, a therapist or an integration coach to further help you make meaning of what you gained from the ceremony. 

If you are in a support group, you should meet up and share changes to your life to both gain and give inspiration to one another, and serve as living witnesses to the power of the ceremony. 

It is very common that uncomfortable feelings, whether as a result of past experiences or not, will surface. But in the end, people end up feeling more connected with life, and a deeper sense of meaning and purpose afterward.

What it holds for the Future

Magic mushrooms hold mystery and while their use was frowned at for a while, they are beginning to catch the eye of the modern scientific community. Many researchers believe that the ceremony they give the user holds the potential to healing and relief from depression, psychological disorders, anxiety, and addiction.

If you are looking to unlock your mind’s potential to the fullest, and gain insight to improve your career and your life in general, then we recommend the psilocybin ceremony for you.

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