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Psilocybin Ceremony Psilocybin Retreats

“Back to basics”, a slogan which was once very popular with the policy makers of the education system of the USA, is perhaps needed to be chanted again, and not in the United States only. It needs to be chanted loud enough for the whole world to hear. But what are the basics we need to return towards? The answer to this maybe, is nature itself.

Have you ever thought what people did to heal themselves mentally and emotionally, when there were no antidepressants and no therapies to deal with anxiety that is eating you from inside? You’d think, perhaps depression and anxiety didn’t exist back then. But it did, and people used nothing but nature to heal themselves. Psilocybin ceremonies are one of those natural healing ways and shamans, the bearers of the ancient wisdom, conduct the procedure under their supervision.

Shamanic Psilocybin Ceremonies and Magic Mushroom Psilocybin Retreat

History has proved that before the existence of medicines, certain types of fungus were used to treat physical and mental ailments by qualified shamans. But people in the older times followed traditions before consuming any such stuff, which increased the impact of it to several folds. They treated with respect what cured them.

These days too, people are once again returning to good old natural remedies and a psilocybin ceremony is one of those. Immersed in respect and dripping with antiquity, in these ceremonies old traditions are followed and ingestion of certain types of mushrooms is administered in a controlled environment by an expert shaman for an authentic psilocybin experience.

Shamanic Psilocybin Ceremony; What to Expect?

If you are expecting that, to experience such a profound ceremony, you’d perhaps have to go visit some old shaman in the thickets of Amazon, then you are mistaken. These recreational activities are carried out in a controlled and cozy environment by trained and professional shamans in modern urban areas.

Fully centered around healing experience, these psilocybin ceremonies make it easier to explore one’s own consciousness. They give participants the divine right they all have to personal progress and the freedom to let go of what holds them back in life. Majority of the qualified shamans designing these mushroom retreats put a lot of focus on integration.

And many of them even provide a variety of programs and activities to help people successfully integrate what they have learned in ceremony to their everyday experiences.

But ingesting the recreational substance, in this case the magic mushroom, is not all we do at a psilocybin ceremony. Although consumption of the active ingredient is an integral part of the experience. Yet there is still much more.

Read on to find out what it is!

Other Activities at a Psilocybin Ceremony

To make the experience more ritualistic, and to help with integration of it, several activities are designed by shamans conducting them to supplement the process.

Some of those include walks in nature and other physical activities such as dancing to the rhythm of calming ceremonial music. Meditation and Yoga are often included as well to reinforce the ritualistic element of the ceremony. There are other types of movements observed at these ceremonies that also help with healing. Such as certain types of movements, sound healing and drum circles, all done under the supervision of a qualified shaman.

With the help of such activities, these traditional healers can control the visions and hallucinations of participants in desired ways by manipulating symbols, noises, and other aesthetic components during rituals.

Aspects and Advantages of Attending a Shamanic Psilocybin Ceremony

As we told earlier in our blog, these ceremonies of mushroom retreat, if taken place under supervision of a qualified shaman, present one with a great opportunity to return back to nature. Therefore, there are several important aspects to consider and also some wonderful benefits are attached with them. Some of those aspects and benefits include:

  • The greatest benefit of any established psychedelic retreat is the trained and experienced shamans conducting them. Their presence ensures comfort and safety since they are generally well-versed in helping people through difficult situations.
  • It is also important to keep in mind that these psilocybin experiences are different for everyone. Therefore, whether your experience is blissful or terrifying, it’s vital that an expert shaman is right there by your side to hold a space where people can safely deal with what comes up for them.
  • Psilocybin experiences are a great help in fighting mental ailments like chronic depression and anxiety. Even the researchers at John Hopkin’s have proved their importance by collecting evidence through rigorous research. According to the recent studies, taking part in psilocybin ceremonies relieved the symptoms of depression from adults for a month.
  • Many centers offering these ceremonies and retreat experiences, will also offer integration workshops in the days after the ceremony. Something that can greatly help an individual process their experience since after this experience, the individuals who participated in them will be shielded from negative emotions for a long time.
  • The insights obtained are one thing, but decoding them and beginning to act out in new ways is quite another. Therefore, its better to stay in touch with the shaman of your respective center so that they can guide you as you grow into the experience and see your life change after it. Especially if you chose to be a part of the ceremony to treat some specific condition; such as to quit smoking, in which mushroom retreat has been proven to play a great role.

For How Long Do the Effects Last After The Ingestion?

The quantity of mushrooms you consume and the amount of food in your stomach will both have an impact on the intensity and length of your adventure during and after the psilocybin ceremony. Although eating more food results in slower absorption and later onsets, there are numerous ways to increase bioavailability.

Such as, you can consume your magic mushroom dose with something acidic, lemon juice for instance. This way, psilocybin will be transformed into the active substance psilocin immediately and as soon as the psilocin passes the blood-brain barrier, this leads to a more rapid onset.

However, the average length of your magic mushroom experience is four to six hours. Although, compared to some of their plant medicine counterparts, they are significantly shorter, psilocybin is appealing to many people because of this very quality, especially to researchers.

Note: It is important to keep in mind that even if the effects of psilocybin mushrooms wear off quickly, they may still prevent you from falling asleep. Even hours after the recreational experience has ended, a mildly changed condition could still be present.

Medicinal Effects of Shamanic Psilocybin Ceremony

Psilocybin is now considered as one of the least dangerous herbal medications in use presently. A really large dose may result in negative effects, no one has ever died, or had a complete nervous break down that required hospitalization.  For this reason, governmental bodies like the FDA are starting to rethink their stance on the chemical as a result.

Therefore, clinical trials to further examine the effects of psilocybin are now allowed by the FDA, and research is being conducted, most notably at Johns Hopkins University. South Dakota State University also conducted a thorough investigation on the potential applications of psilocybin for the treatment of mental health issues in 2017.

Patients with problems related to alcohol addiction, tobacco usage, anxiety, and depression were treated by researchers. Despite the fact that all of the outcomes were favorable, it was the patients’ sustained symptom relief that stood out during the studies conducted by the researchers.

Moreover, magic mushroom ingestion also causes significant changes in the chemical structure of your brain. Therefore, the patient is able to see a situation in a completely different light because new, strong connections allow the brain’s default pathways to be suppressed.

During the psilocybin experience, especially under the supervision of a qualified shaman, deep psychic healing takes place. Additionally, scans reveal decreased blood flow in the amygdala, the frequently hyperactive emotional region associated with illnesses like anxiety and sadness.

According to the findings of the aforementioned study, psilocybin use can be compared to a “reset” mechanism, wherein subsequent re-integration can result in the return of normal functioning.

 Psilocybin operates on our serotonin system to heighten emotional reactions, unlike many medicines that dull and numb emotions to help people manage. It inspires individuals, it can transform lives but the key part is still to do it under the supervision of an experienced and qualified shaman to get the full of it. For this purpose, you can connect with and take the help of experts, such as those at the Meehl Foundation. So, feel free to check the website and begin your healing journey today.

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