The use of psilocybin-containing mushrooms also known as ‘magic mushrooms’ has been traced back to rituals of the ancient Celtic civilizations. The active ingredient in these mushrooms is a psychoactive compound that induces vivid hallucinations and altered states of consciousness, the ancient druids called ‘illumination’.

Magic mushrooms have endured decades of stigma about their use, but are finally gaining recognition from the science community in their potential to cure a host of physical and psychological disorders in people.

The ban on their use in the 1970s was a serious blow to the psilocybin community. However, the spreading, newfound acceptance does show that there is hope as groups of people are coming together to revive this lost art and efforts for the legalization of psilocybin are being made. Spokane Washington is the next stop

Mushroom Ceremony

Ceremony with magic mushrooms can be done as in retreats under the guidance of a Shaman or done solo for experienced psychedelic users . The mushrooms are an extension of a much larger life-form below the surface and are believed to hold ancient wisdom and code to healing of the body and soul.

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The Preparation

Preparing for the psilocybin ceremony -Spokane Washington is important to the actual outcome of the experience. It generally involves getting into the right state of mind that will be in perfect synergy with the psilocybin to yield a life-reforming experience.

It covers what you know about the mushrooms, how you see them, and what you want from them. Stating these out and clarifying your intentions are important, as the mushrooms will work with what is in your mind.

To allow for ideal conditioning of the mind, a safe space has to be created. This is usually achieved by open discussions with the group in a retreat or when alone. It is all about getting the mind to know that it is safe to let go of the ego and express hidden emotions without fear of judgment.

The Experience

This involves the ingestion of the mushrooms. Proper dozing and directions on ingestion are the responsibilities of your Shaman. After a little while, the effects will kick in.

Psilocybin experiences can be good or bad. In general, you will experience an altered state of consciousness, and visual fractal geometry are very common. This is where stating your intentions come into play.

People who want to face their fears, and uncover repressed emotions, will feel overwhelmed by them. You will be made to face the darkest parts of your essence and uncomfortable emotions that are associated with past trauma or challenges. While this might be unpleasant, the effects are only temporary and will pass, and are necessary for healing. After that, an unexplainable calm and sense of self-acceptance will flood your soul.

Gathering the lost pieces of the soul for people who have faced past traumas is one of the most important effects of the psilocybin ceremony. It creates the openness of mind that is necessary to trigger the self-healing properties of the body, soul, and spirit.

On the other end of the spectrum, the ceremony can make you meet with spiritual beings and guides, gain inspiration, and open your mind to new levels of creativity. Divine guidance on matters, assurance, and a newfound awareness to the life energy that flow through all things, and how it intricately connects us all, are common experiences of the ceremony.

In the end, magic mushrooms are a gift from nature to provide cure to flaws in the body and mind that block the natural flow of life energy through us all.

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Mushroom Integration

The real change to the individual will come after the ceremony. Sharing experiences with other members in a group or with your shaman is a good way to reaffirm your transformation and maintain the state of mind necessary to sustain complete healing. This is a core principle in Shamanism

It is sometimes a good idea to keep a journal on’ one’s side during a trip, so you can make a record of things you are experiencing in real-time. These will give you things to ponder on when you’re sober. Your shaman can also help to guide you in your transcendent state, collect the lost pieces of your soul, and give interpretation to events that occurred.

Surrendering to these experiences as they unfold is the most important point to note; realizing that they are necessary steps to a grander, reformative end of newfound purpose.

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