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Psilocybin for Depression Seattle Washington

Depression causes torrents of emotional disturbances for long periods, and the sting of the Coronavirus pandemic was instrumental in exacerbating this dark cloud. According to the U.S Censor Bureau, out of an estimated population of 3 million people over 18 years of age in Seattle, almost 1.5 million reported feelings of depression and hopelessness in November of 2020.

With nearly half the population in Seattle battling depression, a rigorous method of combating this life-threatening mental issue comes to play. Psilocybin, aka magic mushrooms, is the remedy of choice that offers transcendental solutions to the troubles of mind, body, and spirit. Psilocybin provides relief creating a relaxed state of mind and spiritual awakening.

Plant Medicine-Psychedelic mushrooms and more

Depression and its Implications

The emotional and physical anguish caused by depression denies people the opportunity to experience a colorful world and instead retreat inward to a bland gray state. The perceptual bandwidth of a depressed person erodes interest in activities and limits their ability to function at home and work. Depression operates on a spectrum whose symptoms vary from mild to severe and linger for two weeks to qualify for a diagnosis.

People make the common mistake of confusing feelings of grief or sadness with depression. While the symptoms might look the same, sadness and grief, have a modicum of balanced self-esteem, pleasure, and the ability to cope with pain.

Various factors like genetics, environment, personality, and biochemistry contribute to depression. For example, a violent home, poverty, low self-esteem, or substance abuse can elevate an individual’s vulnerability to depression.

Depression is indiscriminate; however, some studies show that women have a higher predisposition than men. In Seattle, the CDC report shows that people with lower income below $50,000 had a 65% chance of suffering depression than those earning $150,000 and above who had a 46% chance.

Depression, a medical illness that changes how a patient acts, thinks, and feels, can be remedied using plant-based medication or pharmaceutical interventions. The good news is that psilocybin has the staggering potential to help people experience the world as if it was newly created and enjoy daily activities with a spring in the steps.

Symptoms of Depression

  • Feeling sad
  • Trouble sleeping or over-sleeping
  • Weight-gain or loss and change in appetite
  • Lack of interest in previously enjoyed activities
  • Fatigue
  • Feelings of guilt or worthlessness
  • Suicidal or death thoughts
  • Poor concentration or decision-making

Roland Griffith, the highly revered scientist, and psychedelic researcher has a body of work that interrogates the potency of psilocybin to “mystical” experiences. Roland’s publication titled: Psilocybin Can Occasion Mystical-type Experiences Having Substantial, and Sustained Personal Meaning and Spiritual Significance has been a landmark thesis that elucidates the psychological effects of psychedelics.

Proponents of psychedelics as a class of drugs continue to advance research to espouse how this compounds’ remarkable benefits have on addiction and mental health issues. University of Chicago psychiatrist Harriet de Wit cited that “experiences that free oneself of the bounds of everyday perception and thought in search for universal truths and enlightenment has enjoyed little credibility in the mainstream scientific world. The words of Harriet ring true to practitioners that use psilocybin to navigate depression’s murky waters.

Plant Medicine-Psychedelic mushrooms and more

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Psilocybin- Spiritual balm and Healer of Depression

Depression has a treatment, and much as there has been a subtle struggle between science and spirituality, psilocybin reconciles the two fields because it is both a therapeutic drug and spiritual nourisher.

Newsweek states that “many scientists in the mental health profession believe that the risks pale against potential benefits.”  It also says that “potential benefits which include not only effective treatments for depression but also a new understanding of many mental health disorders.”  The publication suggests that “magic mushroom could be the biggest advancement in mental health since Prozac.” The statement vindicates the achievable milestones made by magic mushroom therapy and offers an alternative to people unresponsive to conventional drug treatments.

Magic mushroom is a critical shamanic ingredient used to create an equitable balance on body, mind, and soul to alleviate the pain of depression. Depression alters mindfulness and damages the soul, allowing people to become shadows of themselves. Feelings of unending gloom discourage spiritual enlightenment, and the repercussions manifest both physically and mentally.

Psilocybin reawakens a zealous spirit that simultaneously re-ignites the radiant powers of the mind and body. A shamanic experience uses the psilocybin ceremony to reach the deep-seated causes of depression, bring them to the front, and help patients access a transcendental state.

Suppose a person’s depression stems from physical abuse. The psilocybin alters her state of mind and brings the nefarious images of the abuse to the front, allowing her to see the crippling emotions fade into nothingness. The ceremony washes the brute despondent feelings giving a holistic rejuvenation that brings her back to normalcy.

Magic mushrooms intercept barriers to the innermost recesses of the soul and configure a pathway for release and surrender, enabling patients to embrace what is. When a patient experiences bouts of anxiety and depression due to sexual abuse, psilocybin for sexual trauma will offer an environment for emotional release, allowing energy and vitality for life to flow through. The dream-like state enables the rebirth of color, suspends the ego, and reconnects people to nature.

Psilocybin inspires a religious awakening that dissolves an impertinent ego providing a safe space to witness the damaging effects of being sad, weak, and lonely.

Psilocybin Integration

After assimilating psilocybin, a patient will experience moments of pleasure and bliss, after which extreme depressive emotions will overtake. The elixir will bear marks of hallucination and delusion yet, prove a worthwhile healing process that addresses trigger points.

Psilocybin provides a mystical experience that disrupts the brain’s normal functioning by interrupting the connectivity of the networks in the prefrontal cortex, a part of the brain responsible for critical thinking, decision-making, and planning.

When psilocybin intercepts the brain’s functioning capacity, it jump-starts an emotional circuit that facilitates the healing process. Magic mushroom is a potent mind-altering drug whose users claim a feeling of “heaven on earth” and is an excellent psychotherapy treatment.

People with depression should use psilocybin under the guidance of a shamanic healer to avoid cases of psychosis or abuse.

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