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Psilocybin for Drug Addiction

Addiction is a harmful condition in which the brain develops an obsession with compulsive substance use. These substances trigger certain hormones and chemicals in your brain which offer you temporary euphoria or bliss, particularly, in the form of detaching from reality. This compulsive need to detach oneself from one’s immediate reality manifests itself as an obsessive disorder termed addiction.

All types of people including teenagers, middle-aged men, women, and many others suffer from addiction to drugs. It all starts with curiosity for mind-numbing drugs that offer cheap adrenaline and “high” to escape one’s reality. As you can deduce by this, most people who are addicted to drugs are people who were not happy in their lives and were looking for an escape. They felt that they had no control over their lives and thus, resorted to something that would numb their mind from all these worldly problems, a safe place where no worries exist and the pain of reality no longer haunts them.

Unfortunately, such a utopia does not exist. Reality is the medium that you live in and you cannot run away from it forever. People addicted to drugs mostly have had depression, PTSD, severe anxiety, trauma, or some other mental disorder in the past. Most of them have, probably, also tried therapy and other conventional means to heal themselves but it hasn’t worked. Fortunately, with a little bit of magical help, these people can cure themselves of these addictions and return to being healthy individuals with reignited purpose, passion, and drive.

Psilocybin and psychedelics are helpful substances that can cure such addictions. They make you go through the deepest parts of your mind to find the root of your addictions and obsessions. This way the victim can face his traumas and overcome them.

Psilocybin For Drug Addiction Psilocybin, aka Magic Mushroom, is a hallucinogenic drug that triggers the serotonin receptors of the brain causing the release of serotonin. This causes a general sense of happiness in one’s mood and causes them to relieve themselves of their traumas and guilts. This can help severely in overcoming addictions and being happy with your real self.


Researches are being conducted worldwide upon psychedelics, with results showing that unlike, most SSRIs and antidepressants, shrooms actually have a long-lasting impact on the mind. Even after the intoxication wears off, the benefits do not subside. Magic mushrooms have been

showed to alter the cell structure in the brain to permanently shift the thought processes of the mind.

Effects Of Psilocybin

Primarily what psilocybin does is, take you on a journey through your own mind. The victim goes the deepest, darkest corners into his mind and faces his demons. He finds demons and mythical creatures which are the embodiment of his own memories, emotions, and sadness, and looks to vanquish them. This is usually done under the supervision of a shaman or a guide. The idea is that the shaman or healer observes the patient’s broken soul as the patient makes the journey into his own soul revealing the hidden and shrouded memories and traumas. The shaman collects the fragments of the soul which are dispersed in different realms of the inner mind under shards of severe torturing memories. He, then, gives it back to the patient, ultimately mending his soul to its earlier, complete form. This is called Shamanic healing.

Many people report certain feelings and experiences when under the influence of psilocybin such as a distorted perception of time where one feels like the flow of time is discontinuous with certain moments feeling longer than normal and others feeling shorter, visual hallucinations of strange and mythical shapes and face, often of demons and devils, and auditory hallucinations of strange and unintelligible voices and sounds.

People that come out of a psilocybin trip report feeling anew and with a new perception of reality. They are much more open to new ideas and are willing to consider different opinions and viewpoints. Further effects include an increased sense of connection with the Universe and other mortals, an altered sense of physical reactions, an elevated and enlightened feeling of one’s self, seeing vibrant colors, and experiencing euphoria and happiness.

Once the victim is able to vanquish his deepest traumas and guilts, he doesn’t feel the need to rely on crutches like drugs and instead, begins to take control of his own life. Thus, psilocybin is very effective against drug addiction.

Role Of A Shaman

Having a shaman overlook your psychedelic trip is a very beneficial thing as mushroom shamans are mystics themselves who have spent ages studying the Art of Psychedelic Tripping. They have dabbled and experimented in these mystic arts and they have profound knowledge of the astral plane. The role of a shaman, although not necessary, is very beneficial for people looking for a cure for depression and trauma.

Shamanic Healing

The healing of sexual traumas, PTSD, depression, or any other sort of mental stress illness through voyaging through the mind with the help of psychedelics and a shaman is called Shamanic healing. In this particular form of psychedelic therapy, the patient ingests psilocybin through shrooms and enters into a state of deep reflection. He looks through his own soul and unravels the suppressed triggers and memories that his mind has bottled up inside of it. He identifies those veiled traumas and feelings of sadness. This is a state of flow.

He acknowledges his broken and torn soul. He goes deeper into his mind, into the deepest, darkest corners of his psyche to find the lost fragments of his soul which got dispersed during the period of ultimate grief that led him to this depressed and shattered state. He finds catharsis in this unraveling and as he goes farther and farther into his own deep-layered mind he finds relief. He finds this state to be enlightening and therapeutic.

He finds several dimensions and twisted versions of his own mind, stories, and lies made up by his own self to hold his conscious from falling into depravity and madness. He finds other planes, other worlds, new realms, all of them ripe to be discovered, he sees mystic beings and creatures from his imagination that had no way of being in the material realm. He finds this all to be soothing. His sense of connection to the Truth of The Universe gets stronger as he accepts that he is only a small but integral part of this vast river of creation.

A shaman then collects all these fragments and parts of the patient’s dispersed soul and gives them back to the patient to allow him to be complete again. This state is meditative and crucial for the healing and true cure of the patient’s mind. This process of shamanic healing is a voyage of discovery into strange and mythical lands of the mysterious spiritual realm. Those who have mastered this shadow side of theirs now live in complete tranquility and a quiet mind.

Mushroom Ceremonies And Their Benefits

Mushroom Ceremonies are collective gatherings of like-minded who are experts or wish to have profound life changes in their spiritual journeys.   All these people gather together and under the supervision of shamans and guides, go through psilocybin trips to venture into the mystic realms of their imagination. These people collectively support each other and emerge as stronger individuals by beating their addictions.

Mushroom Ceremonies In Washington

Since the decriminalization of psychedelics in Seattle, many psilocybin communities have started to emerge and help people in need of a guide or an expert. Several Mushroom Ceremony rituals are being conducted in Spokane, Washington to make it easier for curious individuals who wish to experiment with these drugs. The Psilocybin Ceremonies in Spokane, Washington ensure that the individuals trip safely and emerge out of their trips perfectly healed and with new insights into the deepest corners of their subconscious minds.

Final Thoughts

Drug addiction is a very powerful obsession that particularly is very basically hard to break as it basically is a sort of chemical dependency with physical withdrawals. However, with the right support of people and some literally help from the enlightenment of fairly your mind by ingestion of psilocybin or magic mushrooms, it actually is possible to literally break these habits and emerge as a sober, driven, and ambitious definitely human being in a generally big way.

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