Connecting with your inner self is incredibly important. In a world filled with endless scrolls, notifications, and other distractions, having a connection to your psyche can help drown out the noise. It is an empowering way to understand yourself better, to be more in tune with nature and the elements while also enjoying the power of femininity.

Goddess consciousness is not always discussed, but its existence can be traced back to Jung and other psychologists. Before delving further, it is important to understand baseline knowledge of what goddess consciousness is exactly, and the path to healing the Divine Feminine

The central tenets rely on interconnectivity and interrelatedness. It is the concept that psyche is so much more than a confined entity to the body. That is connected, rooted in something much deeper that goes beyond what we can physically imagine. The path of the psyche towards goddess consciousness is filled with elevated shifts, each one bringing you to a new form of truth.

Psilocybin Healing the Divine Feminine

In Jungian analytical psychology, the psyche holds a great deal of importance. The conscious psyche, in particular, is seen as a gateway to other realms. It is a path to self-introspection, and what ultimately leads to the unconscious psyche. This self-introspection is pivotal towards raising consciousness and attaining goddess consciousness.

It allows you to shed your ego, to really let go and tap into something that is far bigger than you. And more importantly, this shift is what allows you to experience and understand physical and psychic interconnectivity.

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Psilocybin Connecting with Goddess Consciousness

Goddess consciousness itself. It is important to understand that attaining this is not about solidifying a belief or finding a newfound faith. These are external constructs. This level of consciousness is about tapping into the very core of your being and understanding your place in the world. That knowledge of interconnectivity and interrelatedness takes on more importance. It is like understanding the larger puzzle. You are a piece, but there is so much more to it.

It is a union with the anima (Goddess) and holds a great deal of importance. In Jungian and post-Jungian models, there is a great deal of emphasis on this state of being. This is what leads towards individuation and Selfhood, which are important in Jungian models. This is ultimately a practice that devotes itself to the psyche and sheer power of the collective unconscious.

Goddess Consciousness and Ceremony

While the Jungian model is quoted most often, this is not the only school of thought that surrounds the practice of goddess consciousness. Other models, such as Bolen’s expand on it more and help put it into context.

The goddess consciousness holds a lot of importance for interconnectivity, but there are other qualities as well. Compassion is one, as is knowledge. This is about connecting to a form of femininity that does not confine or distract but helps you bring qualities like these into focus.

In Bolen’s model, there is also the emphasis on awakening, not just to these qualities but also on Eros-based knowledge. There is a belief that there are certain types of knowledge that have been slighted by mainstream Western culture. Rather than continue to bury them, Bolen encourages its dissemination through the goddess consciousness.

Rather than ascribe this to a particular agenda, goddess consciousness includes feminism and ecologism to create a school of thought that encapsulates the best of these worlds. By connecting to nature and harnessing the powers of the feminine, it allows you to experience a new way of being. There is a great deal of emphasis on empowering women as well as adhering to a communal responsibility toward Mother Earth.

Goddess of Healing

A state of mind, interconnectivity acknowledges the hidden thread amongst us all. This is a system where parts interact with each other and have an impact on one another. They do not operate as individual units, but together with each part impacting the other. While there are several theories out there, it is essentially about understanding how we are all connected to one another.

There are several theories out there that try to get to the heart of the matter. For example, quantum mechanics has been touted as a means of proving the interconnectivity that is at the heart of the goddess consciousness. In Jungian models, consciousness was seen as quantum. And if everything is interconnected and impacting each part, then by extension conscious intent can affect the world we are surrounded in.

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Conscious healing

Through the power of drumming, dance, guided meditation, and ritual, you can attain Goddess consciousness. Sacred psilocybin mushroom ceremonies are another way. It is a sacred way of being that has withstood the test of time. While we may not always realize it, we have all had a goddess encounter or an experience. These encounters have left people feeling healed like they are whole again. And the sacredness of these moments remains timeless, as are the Shamans that provide them.

Some are lucky to experience this multiple times, others see it less frequently. But when reminded of these experiences, the memory can bring back the same feelings as the first experience, and allow you to relive it. These deeply personal experiences are a mark of how powerful it can be, and the potency of these memories to live on when these experiences are narrated.

The main element is to remain open. The pathway to the psyche is fraught, but with an open mind and heart, it is possible to attain Goddess consciousness. Using psychedelic mushrooms have helped to achieve this for about 10,000 years. Drumming, dance, meditation, and ritual are all important components, to sacred ceremony, but there is some consideration as to what is best to attain this state of higher consciousness. Though some rituals can be performed by yourself or with a small group, think about other ways to accomplish this. The powerful energy of a group can do wonders, especially if everyone in the group holds the same intentions.  Think about what you want to accomplish and what can help you get there. Being a conduit to someone else’s quest for consciousness can amplify yours. This can be transformative and really lead to a level of consciousness that is unmatched.

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