Shamans have long understood the impact trauma has on a person. Although a great deal of time may pass from when the trauma occurs, there is a deep understanding in the indigenous and native culture about the long-lasting implications of these types of events. But another thing that shamans are well aware of is the impact trauma has on the soul. As the soul experiences these negative events, it shatters and fragments to help bear the burden. These shattered pieces are lost, seeking shelter until there is a healing process underway. 

Soul Retrieval Ceremony

To bring back these lost pieces of the soul, shamans undertake a soul retrieval ceremony. This is about helping someone come to terms with the trauma, and coaxing back these lost pieces of the soul to return. It is establishing a link between healing trauma and awakening consciousness to achieve this. The soul pieces need to return in order to construct the essence of yourself and bring back a feeling of meaning and purpose. For those who feel a little lost, or who are not quite sure of who they are, soul retrieval may help. With an experienced professional, you can set an intention of finding yourself again and letting the professional embark on this journey on your behalf. They will travel through consciousness to find these pieces, and bring them back so that you can be your true self.

But in order for this to be successful, an open mind is a must. Egos often get in the way of true experiences. Or it might be the fear of the unknown, the fear of being vulnerable. These are all barriers that keep you from accessing your emotions and letting the healing begin. 

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Psilocybin Ceremony

The role of psychedelics in soul retrieval though is not explored as much but there is real value in seeing how it can help the process. Psilocybin Ceremony in therapy, in this context, could include many types of substances including LSD, MDMA, or ayahuasca. These are all known for their role in releasing trauma, inducing healing and encouraging personal growth. The psychedelic doses are administered only to break your mental state, to help you reach the root of the issue and begin to confront it. Only then can soul retrieval be truly successful. 

Psychedelic Mushroom

Psychedelic mushroom treatments are able to tap into a part of you that is not guided by negative thoughts. It allows you to free your mind, to access them now, rather than letting the barriers to true openness block you. Without this openness though, soul retrieval cannot be as successful. That openness is what guides you to create a sacred space, of setting an intention together and going on this journey. Without that willingness to be guided, how can the shaman really find what you are missing?

The effect of the psychedelics is not to actually induce the soul retrieval – that is where the professional comes in. instead, it is a means to ensure that the boundaries between you and your ideals of the world are reduced down. By becoming more open and tapping into that state of consciousness, you are able to set the right intentions. This, in turn, will help your soul retrieval professional embark on the journey with full confidence. They can traverse through the different worlds on your behalf in search of the soul pieces, and coax their return to you. 

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In this context, the role of psychedelic mushrooms for soul retrieval is to loosen the bonds of perception you are caught in. it allows you to achieve true consciousness, and set strong intentions for yourself and what you want to accomplish during the soul retrieval journey. As the psychedelic treatments take hold, you may see vivid visions and patterns. Or you might begin to rehash past occurrences and other life events. Some of these visions may be the ones that have lead you on to this path, others may seem unrelated. While this might seem scary at first, it is necessary. In order to bring back the soul, it needs to know that the trauma has healed. It has to know that you have come to terms with it and are ready to bring back these fragments. Remember, the soul loses itself as a means of protection, to keep you from bearing too much of the burden. So in order for it to return, it needs to know that it is in a safe space where it no longer needs to break itself to protect you.  

Although soul retrieval can take place with or without these treatments, there is value in considering psychedelics. If you know that you may have mental blocks that could make this successful, or doubts and fears, then including psychedelics can be a good idea to think about. They can help alter your state of mind and to help you reach a place where you feel ready. Although it might make you reconsider your past and present in ways that do not seem pleasant, this is a necessary part of dealing with the trauma. 

For many, the first few minutes of psychedelic mushroom ceremony can be overwhelming. Once you are able to fall into a state of trance, the awareness kicks in and you are able to exude more control. That moment, where you feel like you know your environment and are able to mold it to some extent, that is the key moment. This is how your soul begins to come back because you are letting go of what is holding you back. 

However, it is important to remember that everyone is different, and will have individual needs. For some, psychedelics hold no value in this context and they may not use them during soul retrieval ceremonies. But for others, it could be an instrumental part of soul retrieval. If you are unsure about whether it is the right choice for you, speak to a professional. They can help guide you to see if this is the correct decision to reduce the mental blocks that may make soul retrieval unsuccessful. 

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