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Plant Medicine for Trauma


Trauma; negative events that impact the very core of your being. Like cancer, it seeks to corrupt your soul with dark energy and rob you of the virtues you were initially blessed with; faith, hope, and joy. 


It preys on your vulnerability and in a bid to prevent recurrence your mind binds your essence in a cage of extreme insecurities and uses the pain of the past to keep you in there.


From emotional and physical abuse as a child to extremely distressing events as an adult, the effects of trauma can be long-lasting and many people never break free from its curse till they die. 


As a Shaman, I have counseled many who were victims of trauma that were suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) on the path to true healing for the soul, where countless therapy sessions did not work.


In this article, we will look at the use of psilocybin mushrooms and how they are the answer to treatment from trauma and its effects. 


Trauma on the Soul and Body


Traumatic events push your mind, the core of your soul and essence of your being, into its natural defense mode. Your vulnerability was exploited and now it must be suppressed and masked with a powerful ego. Your soul fragments into uncountable pieces to escape the hurt, they hide until they feel safe to integrate back to you.


The soul has become accustomed to the dark; has taken the form a shadow. Created by learned convention from childhood; ‘you are not good enough’, ‘you are ugly’, ‘boys don’t cry’ or unloved by parents you learned to suppress your natural yearning for affection or expressing your emotions and became ‘strong’. 


Whenever you try to go back in time, your mind brings up the pain of the past. As a learned behavior, your ego kicks in and you suppress them once more. This negative energy feeds off your natural life force, depression , anxiety and the loss of vitality of life follow you then where ever you go and then, you lose the ability to trust and commit to people.


These deeply suppressed emotions block the natural energy pathways through your body and spirit and new less-efficient networks are forced into existence. These eventually manifest in the physical as constant feelings of weakness, illness, and insomnia.  


However, this suppression is driving your natural order out of balance. But beware, it will be restored. You suddenly explode under the pressure and find yourself doing the things you were so carefully trying to avoid. Drugs, alcohol, sex, and food become your closet companions.


plant medicine, plant medicine ceremony, shamanic healing, shamanic weekend retreats, psychedelic mushrooms, psilocybin mushrooms, magic mushroom, Shrooms,
plant medicine


Psilocybin Mushrooms and Soul Retrieval


The use of psilocybin-containing mushrooms also known as magic mushrooms, psychedelic mushrooms, or just shrooms,  to treat trauma seek to uncover these suppressed emotions and help you embrace them. 


Molly, an established businesswoman of now 35 years old grew up with a strong distaste for her father and a strong desire to control men. As a teenager she always found herself wanting to argue and start fights with him at the most little thing. 


Now her father, being a psychologist knew just why. When she just two years old, she had seen him cheat on mom with another woman in the car. 


As an adult, Molly cannot remember this, but the memory has seeped deep into her subconscious and was controlling her now. Bringing this to light broke her shackles and she gained new found love for her dad. 


A lot of repressed emotions that control our actions subconsciously happened during our childhood and do not have a tangible memory attached to them. So if we even try to think back consciously we might not remember anything. But they are there.


Psilocybin mushrooms stimulate the unconscious and take us directly to the source of your suppressed emotions. Many trauma patients report seeing their lives played before their eyes and brought to a point of deep understanding as to why they are in such distress.


It takes you to a transcended state of hyper-memory and helps you uncover things consciously unknown to even you. 


Confronting the shadow by surrendering. Instead of rejecting it, we embrace it. We are the shadow; the shadow is us; we are one. Instead of suppressing it, bring it out and let the energy flow through. By suppressing it, we have to come up with new behaviors to ensure it stays in check and these behaviors are often dangerous; counterproductive to the natural virtues of the soul; anger, pride, envy. 


The shadow describes all the vulnerable, faulty, inferior and unwanted aspects of you as a person; all the things you hate and do not want to be. Shamanic Healing changes this.


The psilocybin mushrooms are not going to determine the extent of your surrender; that is your job. Instead, they are there to take you to a transcended state of openness of mind and consciousness. 


The psilocybin ceremony frees you from your natural perception and creates a safe haven for emotional expression; a condition that must be met before your soul can return and gather to once again take form. 


Psilocybin on the Ego


The ego is the control pod the mind uses a natural defense. The psilocybin ceremony brings you to the realization that your ego is not identical to you but you are meant to control it. 


It stands in the way of openness to healing and tries to prevent you from embracing the shadow. Best-selling author Michael Pollan describing his psilocybin ceremony narrates seeing his ego spread out on a plane. Yet his ability to absorb the experience from another detached consciousness opened his eyes. 


You are given revelation on how you are meant to control the ego. It is a tool and you, not its slave. This is the key to self-control and peace of mind. 


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Kambo Treatment


After the Psilocybin Ceremony; Rebirth from Trauma


If you have never tried psychedelics before, and are considering psilocybin mushrooms for trauma, to say the experience will certainly be good would be an understatement. Some people do have pleasurable experiences, but it’s likely that you will be made to face those uncomfortable memories of your trauma, but with the help of a trained Shaman.  


However, these are the necessary experiences needed to initiate your healing and restore your first virtues. After the experience, you will notice a dissolution of the former triggers of those painful experiences and will see life in a whole new light. 


You will regain the ability to trust and be vulnerable, and chase life without the fear of uncertainty. Your ego will now be in your control and you will be able to control the natural defenses that arise from relations with other people. 


If you would like to try the psilocybin ceremony for trauma, it is advised you seek the services of a guide or shaman as they will be vital in helping you regain your soul loss and understanding mysterious events. 


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Shamanic healing, Shamanic weekend retreats, Kambo, Kambo Treatment, Kambo Ceremony, Plant medicine, plant medicine ceremony
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