Some of the benefits of using Psilocybin are the following

Reduced Anxiety and Depression.

Of course, anxiety and depression are two different things, but one leads into the other. When you have bad anxiety, it usually tends to lead to depression. And the more this continues, you start to get out of control with the anxiety. It most definitely leads to some darker days where you can’t seem to find any happiness or joy.

Through micro-dosing with Psilocybin Ceremony from mushrooms, you can solve this by getting an increased sense of joy and happiness. The anxiety and depression come down, and the joy and happiness start to go up, more like an inverse relationship.

With Psilocybin Ceremony, it’s not like you have drunk a bunch of liquor, and you are just feeling good about all your problems, no. You are feeling good because you are getting your problems dealt with. You will be able to get through your activities without having to worry about depression or anxiety.

More Focus and Productivity

With Psilocybin Ceremony, you are happy, you are not worrying all the time, and then you can actually go through your day, having fun while doing it, it just becomes an amazing overall experience.

Most of the time, people think to get stuff done and to be very productive means you have to be a stick in the mud, grind it out, work hard, and not be happy. Yes, you do have to work hard, but it will no longer feel like you’re grinding it out or that you are suffering through it. Those are all things of the past when you start to use the Magic Mushroom Ceremony.


Sense of Connection

This is for people that seem to feel some kind of way at a particular period where they experience disconnection. What is happening in this period is the default mode network of the brain. This is the thing that says because this happened, you need to feel this way. And then you get very caught up in these negative loops.

But when you start taking the mushrooms, especially in their proper formula, you will be able to stop and snap out of these loops. You start actually to notice the beautiful things around you. This increases gratitude, which increases our dopamine levels.

So you literally start to feel way better, and then you shut down that disconnection, this allows you to build new neuropath ways and create a new way of life, so truly phenomenal and breathtaking.


Psilocybin for Purpose

Using Psilocybin can make you start to feel like you have a purpose in life. And if you don’t know what your purpose is, this should be your intention. While micro-dosing with Psilocybin, it can help you find what your inner gifts are and what do you have to offer the world.

While at it, Psilocybin can also help you ascertain that you are making the right life choices by giving you an overwhelming sense of belonging. It makes you know if you are where you want to be in life and if you are doing what you need to do, and it also makes you feel really good about it.

For all of the above uses and benefits of Psilocybin, it takes a great reaction time compared to other alternatives out there.

Psilocybin can shut down that disconnection in 30 minutes. For anxiety and depression, it only takes days, whereas most leading antidepressants take up to 4 weeks to even start having an effect, yet they come with a long list of side effects. This makes Psilocybin a much healthier and better alternative.


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Shroom Dosage- miro-dosage

The first micro- dosage that every beginner should start on, regardless of body size, is a hundred milligrams (100mg). That is just 0.1 grams, a very small amount.

No matter where you start from or what reason it is, you should be starting with a hundred-milligram dosage. You want to be using that for at least two or three months before moving up to the larger doses.


Stacking Psilocybin

Another very important thing with dosage is stacking. And what is meant by stacking is the benefits of the Psilocybin with other mushrooms. Mushrooms like lion’s mane mushrooms are one of the most ultimate brain healing mushrooms on the planet. Lion’s mane is all about brain health and neuro growth.

It’s one of the only substances on the planet that promotes the production of nerve growth factors in the brain, so it is very rare. Modern neuroscience is showing today that things like lion’s mane and other dietary factors can help you produce more neurons and protect the ones you have.

Now what’s super exciting is that all these amazing benefits of lion’s mane are ten fold when mixed with a Psilocybin. So the lion’s mane is one of the most amazing things you could be taking alongside your Psilocybin. It can help with depression, anxiety, and if you are someone who suffers from multiple sclerosis, a lion’s mane can help you save and repair the neurons that are being attacked by that disease.

Another excellent product to be stacking your Psilocybin with is Macuna, otherwise known as the velvet bean. This is all about giving your body all the precursors, which is a fancy way of saying, giving your body all the ingredients it needs to make dopamine. Psilocybin mimics serotonin in the body, and now with the Macuna, you’re going to be getting everything you need to make dopamine.

Serotonin and dopamine are some of the humans’ most important neurotransmitters. Serotonin has to do with being relaxed, being thoughtful, having higher IQs, etc., It’s one of the most ancient neurotransmitters in the world, and every single mammal has serotonin. Dopamine, on the other hand, is all about being happy. Mushrooms help with all of these and more.

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