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Unlock the benefits of attending a Woodburn psilocybin retreat.

Do you live each day with irrational fears and anxiety? Do you experience feelings of panic when things go wrong in your daily life? Have you been struggling with depression despite years of therapy and medication? Are you finding it hard to beat addiction? At The Meehl Foundation, we’ve met many people in similar situations to you.

If you’d like to know the answer to long-lasting solutions and permanent freedom from challenges such as mood disorders, migraines, and addiction, we’d love to meet you at our retreat center. It’s important to seek the guidance of a shaman when stepping into this type of spiritual awakening, giving you a hitch-free journey to unburdening your emotional trauma.

Psilocybin is consistent with shamanic healing, with the psychological and spiritual effects rewiring your negative thoughts and emotional patterns. Step back into life with new-found meaning and purpose, accessing the love and power available in the world to truly heal for good.

If you’d like to know more about Woodburn psilocybin ceremonies and psychedelic retreats, read on. You can also register to book your place on a shamanic retreat here.

Psilocybin retreat New York
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Shamanic healing using psilocybin-containing mushrooms

Shamanic healing using psilocybin-containing mushrooms is an art that’s lasted the test of time, cultural influences, and modern beliefs. The wonders of magic shrooms unlock the door to open-mindedness, aiding others to surrender to the triggers needed to start to heal. They help embrace the ‘now’ rather than always focusing on the unknown, allowing us to get in touch with our true selves and see our existence as a gift.

Shamanic and psychedelic retreats offer ceremonies that help one let go of negative thoughts and feelings, including anxieties about bad outcomes. They awaken the mind and let in peace, freeing the soul from worry and torment. Our minds are wonderous, possessing the power to infinitely heal the self, with psilocybin mushrooms aiding the process to unlock our full potential.

A retreat can offer the perfect space and shared room to experience the potential of psilocybins and plant allies. You may also find time for other activities that help you to heal, whether it’s yoga in the wilderness or sound baths.

What is psilocybin?

Psilocybin is a naturally-occurring, active constituent of a couple of hundred species of fungi, often used as a form of psychedelic therapy. It’s a hallucinogen found in certain types of magic shrooms.

Psilocybin-containing mushrooms have been used for thousands of years, traced back to historic ceremonies and rituals of the ancient Celts. In the United States, magic shrooms were banned in 1970, but many experts believe psychedelics hold the key to treating some mental illnesses. The call to legalize psilocybin-containing mushrooms has never been louder, with many US cities decriminalizing its use. This has led to more people joining Woodburn psychedelic retreats and discovering the benefits on offer.

Why join psilocybin retreats Woodburn for a psychedelic journey?

Are you interested in psychedelic-assisted therapy and journey of self-discovery? Many have reported an amazing experience when attending spiritual retreats like those held at The Meehl Foundation.

When facing ongoing trauma, chronic pain, addiction, or issues such as mood disorders, there’s often a disconnect between the mind and spirit, causing restless feelings and a sense of displacement in the world. Some may even feel so shut down and unable to feel compassion for others in pain that they often display negative emotions, such as bitterness and resentment.

Psilocybin ceremonies (as offered by Woodburn psilocybin retreats) seek to enlighten the mind, transcending it to a higher level of perception, having induced a highly spiritual exercise in introspection. The ceremony addresses nature’s struggle to correct anxious minds, providing comfort about the future while helping us to live in the present with peace. It’s often part of a group therapy experience, but the individual journey is unique for all.

The sudden connection with nature can act as a purifying force, allowing one to feel the pure and untainted love of the correction process. It’s about shifting mindsets from outward hopelessness to a deeper inward perception, liberating one from emotional burdens once a higher consciousness is accessed.

Psilocybin retreat

Seeking help from a Woodburn shaman guide

For safe and optimized experiences, it’s advised to seek help from a Woodburn shamanic healer or guide when you attempt a full trip if you’re using a high dose of psilocybin for the first time. The experiences felt can be dramatic and overwhelming, so using the expertise of a shamanic teacher is wise. They will provide personalized care and integration work, ensure you don’t feel uncomfortable with the process, put your well-being first, and follow the best practices.

Many choose to delve into the world of psychedelic substances for the first time at a specialist retreat, giving them a safe space to continue exploring their relationship with themselves and the universe.

When attending a psilocybin retreat Woodburn, your shaman will be a guide and gatekeeper during the ceremony, acting as a vessel for healing powers. They call on the universe to make the powers available, with plant-based medicine and psilocybin offering roadmaps for reconnecting with nature and enlightenment.

During the preparation stages of a ceremony, a shamanic healer familiarizes themselves with participants, building trust and providing a respectful, safe environment that’s free of judgment. They hold space for the group to safely have psilocybin experiences in a shared room with professional support.

Woodburn psilocybin retreats & shamanic retreats – the healing experience of a lifetime

Are you looking for a profound and life changing mystical experience that brings you the self-love you crave? Mindfulness and spiritual awakenings often hold the key to fulfilling your potential and opening the mind, body, and spirit to the love of the universe.

Frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of psilocybin mushrooms?

Much has been reported on the benefits and profound experience of psychedelic compounds, such as psilocybin found in magic mushroom varieties, although the journey towards realizing its full potential is an ongoing process. It’s been reported to have benefits for both physical and mental health and well being.

A pioneer in the benefits of mood-altering drugs like psilocybin is Roland R. Griffiths, Ph.D., a professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at Johns Hopkins University. His research has investigated many aspects of psilocybin effects, including treating cigarette addiction, OCD, psychological distress, and depression. In one study by Griffiths et al. in 2016, they concluded psilocybin produced a substantial and sustained reduction in anxiety and depression in terminally ill patients with life-threatening cancer. Participants attributed positive mood improvements and attitudes towards death, relationships, spirituality, and themselves, with an above 80% increase in life and wellbeing satisfaction levels.

As such, psilocybin has gained popularity as a medicinal drug, altering mood without the addictive consequences of many other drugs. That said, great care should be given to its use, which is why many choose to join a psychedelic retreat for greater guidance about taking psilocybin or other plant medicines in a safe way.

How does psilocybin work?

So what is a psilocybin experience? Thanks to their active ingredient, psilocybin mushrooms (also known as magic mushrooms or Magic Shrooms) have the ability to interact with our serotonin receptors. Such an interaction can have a profound effect on the user, gifting them with mood changes and alleviation of certain diseases.

The desired effect will only be produced if the dose is correctly administered (with a threshold dose of 0.2-0.5g compared with a dose of 1-2.5g, which can produce effects lasting for around six hours). Other influencing factors include past experiences and expectations of the effects.

For those going through mental struggles, such as depression, psilocybin therapy can be permanently and positively life-changing. It works by altering brain function, helping create an altered consciousness about themselves, shifting the perspective to the now. This can aid the dissolution of anxieties, trauma, and fear, ushering in optimism and new ways of thinking.

How are psilocybin magic mushrooms prepared?

Psilocybin mushrooms are prepared using two main methods – eating or decocting. However, eating a fresh psilocybin mushroom can be challenging as the taste isn’t very palatable, so they’ll need to be dried first. This removes some of the distinct bitter flavor of the fresh mushroom while increasing the active ingredient.

The flavor can also be disguised with other ingredients, such as peanut butter or chocolate. Eating the shrooms in this way is often preferred so that the exact dose ingested is controlled. The other option is to brew the mushrooms into a tea (simply by heating them in the water) before the mixture obtained is used.

What are the differences between ceremony doses and micro-dosing?

There are some key differences between full ceremony doses and micro-dosing.

With micro-dosing, the dosage is spread out over stages, taking around a tenth of the normal dose over the course of a month. There are usually no visual perceptions or hallucinogenic results, lightening one’s mood over time as a gradual process rather than a psychedelic trip.

By contrast, ceremony doses are much larger, resulting in a hallucinogenic effect that provides a deep connection to the universe’s love. The visual experiences can vary, but they often lead to a sense of deep enlightenment, giving the ceremony participant a renewed sense of purpose.

What will you experience during a ceremony?

Whether it’s your first experience or you’ve participated in a spiritual ceremony with plant medicines before, everybody goes on a unique journey, even during group therapy. Feelings can differ during and after the ceremony, distinct to your needs.

However, common experiences include shivers, sweating, nausea, releasing of emotional blockages, spiritual visions, intense dreams, feelings of joy and euphoria, increased universal understanding, and a connection with nature.

After the ceremony, there can be both short-term effects of a heightened state of awareness and clarity. Long-term effects may include a deeper connection to the self, feeling more grounded, and an enhanced spiritual well-being.

Who is shamanism for?

Shamanism and the retreat experience are for everyone to consider, whatever your background, age, race, or gender identity.

Shamanic retreats New York are the perfect spot for anyone who wants to be actively involved in their own healing experience, learning valuable principles and practices that put you in control of your ongoing journey long after a shamanic ceremony or spiritual retreat is visited. The effects can be life-changing, helping you to overcome past traumas you never thought possible.

What psilocybin mushrooms can treat

Anxiety, Depression & Mood Disorders

Mood disorders, such as anxiety and depression, are challenging to live with day to day while having a profound effect on the lives of those who experience them. Mental health symptoms can also be felt physically, emotionally, and spiritually, with many struggling to cope even after countless therapy sessions.

The list of triggers and causes is endless, from severe stress and past trauma to financial woes, drug addiction, and sexual abuse. The outcomes can be distressing, whether it’s having to live with the symptoms each day, cope with life’s demands while already suffering internally, or even feeling suicidal. It can threaten one’s ability to function as expected, with the ripple effects touching every aspect of your life. Depression is sometimes referred to as ‘cancer of the soul’, causing feelings of self-loathing and worthlessness that cause one to remain in a cycle of suffering, disconnected from themselves and their spiritual senses.

The positive effects of psilocybin mushrooms are far-reaching, but their link to helping with mood disorders like anxiety and depression is one of the most intriguing and exciting developments to date. Many conventional therapies for mental health conditions and mood disorders are failing some patients, so clinicians are increasingly pushing for more research into safe legal psychedelics and their benefits.

When ingested, psilocybin is metabolized into psilocin, interacting with serotonin receptors found in the prefrontal cortex of the brain. Serotonin is responsible for several roles within the body, influencing everything from sleep and memory to our perception and mood. Reduced serotonin levels are thought to be connected to multiple health conditions and mood disorders, including anxiety and depression. With existing therapies remaining inadequate for many people, researchers are keen to find new treatments, therapies, and approaches to help others cope, manage and overcome the disorders.

In a piece of research by Goldberg et al. (2020), a meta-analysis was performed to examine the effects of psilocybin when combined with behavioral interventions for depression and anxiety. The researchers chose to analyze studies already carried out, including those focusing on the therapeutic benefits of psilocybin. During the research, they found there were some statistically significant results of reductions in depression and anxiety symptoms both post-treatment and at a six-month follow-up.

One of the reasons psilocybin may help with mood disorders is the fact it’s an active serotonin agonist, meaning it triggers the desired physiological response when combined with the right receptors in the body. For example, in a study carried out by Roseman et al. (2018), psilocybin was successfully used to treat depression without dulling emotions when combined with psychological support. Another study published in JAMA Psychiatry in 2020 found that psilocybin-assisted therapy produced large, fast, and sustained antidepressant effects in participants with major depressive disorders. The size of these effects was around 2.5 greater than those shown from psychotherapy and four times greater than those in psychopharmacological depression treatment studies.

Migraines & Cluster Headaches

Migraines and cluster headaches can seriously affect your daily life, causing excruciating pain around the head and eyes. While there’s often no cure for recurring headaches, some scientific studies into the effect of small doses of psychedelics have shown promising results.

In a controlled study carried out by Schindler et al. (2021), it was found psilocybin may have long-lasting therapeutic effects for headache disorders such as migraines. Each participant experienced and maintained headache diaries over the course of the exploratory study, and the results suggested an enduring therapeutic effect for migraine headaches after just a single administration of psilocybin.


Understandably, there are societal concerns about psychedelics and their effect on drug misuse and addiction. However, some experts emphasize psilocybin doesn’t fit the classic profile of a drug of abuse compared with highly addictive opiates. In a study carried out by Johnson et al. in 2018, they concluded both animal and human research indicated low abuse rates and no physical dependence potential. Furthermore, they reported that psilocybin may provide therapeutic benefits, supporting its future development as a drug. Major national surveys also indicate low abuse rates and harm.

One of the beneficial effects of psilocybin has been its use for treating addiction to substances such as alcohol and tobacco when used in combined therapy. In one pilot study in 2017, Johnson et al. found that when several doses of psilocybin were taken alongside cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) for smoking cessation, there were substantially higher abstinence rates after six months than when CBT was completed alone. In fact, the success rate was over 80%. This is much higher than other treatment methods, such as gums and patches, which have about 35% success rate.

A new study published in 2022 in JAMA Psychiatry also showed that psilocybin could be a promising treatment for alcohol use disorders. The results showed that when psilocybin is administered in combination with psychotherapy, it can have a positive effect. In this double-blind randomized clinical trial, the researchers found the percentage of heavy drinking days during 32 weeks of follow-up surveys was significantly fewer for participants taking psilocybin rather than a placebo.


PTSD – or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – can affect people of all ages, cultures, and backgrounds, and it’s highly debilitating. It’s not just a disorder reserved for war veterans (once known as ‘combat fatigue’), affecting those who have been through severe traumas such as bereavement, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, accidents, physical assault or attacks, and acts of terrorism.

PTSD removes rationality from its victims, inducing feelings of fear and anger long after the initial trauma was experienced. Often, the trauma is replayed uncontrollably through flashbacks and nightmares, which leads to the sufferer avoiding triggers and leading secluded lives away from people, situations, and places. They may withdraw from activities they previously enjoyed and harbor lots of negative feelings about themselves and others.

While there are several different PTSD treatment pathways available, spiritual care and shamanic healing can be accessed, often using psilocybin during the ceremonies. Shamanic ceremonies often utilize plant-based medicines that transcend the body and mind’s resistance to the powers available to them, supporting the participant to start their journey of recovery. Shamanic journeys allow participants to bask in the spirit of recovery in a safe way while empowering them to make positive, lifelong changes.

Psilocybin can produce stability of thoughts and rescinding of negative cognitive patterns, helping to improve mood and physical reactions to stimulus, which is why its use in treating mood disorders is starting to gain recognition in modern society, despite its benefits recognized throughout history and shamanic practices for thousands of years.

The Meehl Foundation retreat center

At The Meehl Foundation, we offer a shamanic and spiritual retreat that creates the ideal environment to harness intense healing energy. We provide safe and secure retreats and sleeping accommodation with both indoor and outdoor meeting spaces, including beautiful scenic spots for you to feed your soul and get the rest you crave.

Founded by Debra Meehl, our foundation and retreat center embraces the universality and intercultural values offered by shamanism, deeply respecting distinct ancient rituals shared with us while applying them to modern practices. We want to support others on their deeply personal journeys, ensuring each retreat is accessible and makes an impact.

We have a gentle and supportive approach, understanding that everyone is different, so will want to participate in as much or as little healing as they feel ready for. You remain in control – stepping onto the next stage of your journey when you feel ready. We’re hands-on, so we hope to empower you to make lasting changes while giving you lifelong techniques you can carry with you forever. Some may prefer to work in a small group, whereas other guests may find comfort from one to one facilitator support.

We offer various different retreats for your needs, from Kambo ceremonies and plant medicine to soul retrieval and shamanic sisterhood retreats. We have lots of first-time attendees and returning participants at our retreat center, as each ceremony experienced is entirely unique to the individual, their current needs, and their personal situation.

Working with a range of trained practitioners, spiritual teachers, and elders, we sustainably source our medicines from the tribes who create them. We use lots of techniques to create the ideal retreat environment to heal, including sound therapy.

Here’s a flavor of some of the retreats and ceremonies we offer.

Soul retrieval retreat

Soul Retrieval retreat

If you feel drawn to shamanism, it’s because you are being called to start healing and find the lost pieces of yourself, making the positive change you need.

Do you ever feel hollow or like something is missing? Do you hold scars from past traumas that still have control over you? Do you feel like you’ve lost the ‘real you’? Woodburn soul retrieval can help, using age-old techniques to heal. It’s ideal for anyone fascinated by the potential of shamanic healing and modern applications you can use for life. A desire for a more holistic approach to healing involves working with your body’s natural energy systems.


At The Meehl Foundation, we offer an exclusive soul retrieval retreat, understanding that true healing involves awakening our vision and experience of infinity to truly heal. We want to bridge ancient wisdom and modern, cutting-edge neuroscience and practical teachings to show you how to live the life you want. These sacred technologies can transform the physical, heal the soul, and change the way you live.

Recover the missing pieces of your soul. Rediscover lost innocence and reclaim your truth, continue on your life-changing shamanic journey to heal and STAY HEALED in any circumstances, not just in the sacred space of a retreat. It’s not just about addressing symptoms but healing issues at their core.

It’s time to reawaken spirit medicines, causing profound results that radiate into the world and others around you in a significant way. Experience the power of elemental healing ceremonies at our retreat to reconnect with Mother Earth and align with nature.

Shamanic sisterhood retreat

Woodburn shaman women – Shamanic Sisterhood retreat

Join us on our shamanic sisterhood retreats, bringing together those who want to dive deeply into the evolving landscape of shamanic wisdom and feminine spirituality in modern society. We hold space and bring together spiritually-conscious women from all walks of life, sharing knowledge and support to grow a tribe of shaman women.

Rekindle your ancestral roots while bringing new life to ancient practices. Experience the true sensation of mind expansion when joining a growing small group of shaman women Woodburn.


Plant medicine retreat

Ancestral Medicine retreat

Would you like to connect with your ancestor’s souls and rewrite the stories and trauma of your past? Ancestral medicine can help break curses passed down in your DNA, helping to mend your relationships with loved ones.

Change the course of your future at our private retreat by healing your ancestral past and familial trauma, following a powerful integration process.



Spirit medicine retreat

Spirit Medicine retreat

Learn how to go on your own Woodburn spiritual journey and deeply connect for a profound transformation. This type of spiritual growth empowers you to experience ceremonies as a way of life, continuing your partnership with Mother Earth. Continue to feel the support of spiritual healing, giving you clarity of mind and a consciousness that’s available to you at any moment without effort.

Spiritual medicine retreats help participants to develop skills and practices they can use for life, accessing the connections felt on their shamanic journey.




Plant medicine retreats – Kambo, Cacao and more

Do you want to discover the healing wisdom of plant medicine on our next retreat? South American shamanism has used plant medicine for centuries, restoring much-needed balance to the mind, body, and soul. Plant medicines are powerful healers, helping those who want to restore their spirit, heal the physical self, and detox their life of negative thoughts and emotions holding them back. Whether it’s overcoming addiction, mental disorders, or trauma, these sacred medicines welcome you with an open heart. Such an experience gives you permission to step boldly onto your own path, starting in our retreat environment.

Plant medicines are very powerful, and they must only be supplied under the direct supervision of a trained and experienced practitioner. Our intensive plant medicine retreat offers opportunities to experience the power of various plant allies in accordance with ancient traditions, helping you to form a spiritual connection that will last a lifetime. Some find benefit from all the different plant medicines on offer, or you may choose a few that draw your spirit closer.

Some of the plant medicines we explore at our private retreat include the following allies.

Kambo retreat

Kambo retreat

Kambo Woodburn ceremonies are traditional healing rituals, using the medicine of the giant monkey tree frog. The multi-level purification process helps the user to return to a balanced state, harnessing the natural equilibrium and rebooting the immune system. This aims to banish negative energy within the body and release stagnant emotions.

Cacao retreat

Cacao retreat

Join a Woodburn Cacao retreat. This gentle and loving plant medicine unites you with Mother Earth, opening your heart chakra to elevate your creative consciousness. The result is a connection with the great expanse, often causing a sense of euphoria.

Yopo & Hapè retreat

Hapè is widely used throughout the Amazon for various ailments affecting the mind and body. A powerful Hapè used in spiritual ceremonies is Yopo, coming in the form of a snuff that may induce a deep feeling of inner peace long after the ceremony finishes.

Sananga retreat

Sananga retreat

As a unique ally in the world of plant medicine, Sananga is a powerful healer. Its application is through the use of eye drops, so it has been said to heal ocular trauma and night vision. Some choose Sananga for its reputation for bringing good luck and cleansing negative energy while awakening spiritual insight.

Niños Santos retreat

Niños Santos retreat

Niños Santos is wild-growing fungi native to the Americas. Their potent properties can produce a deep introspection for the user, aiding the healing process for the body, mind, and spirit, touching every element of the self.

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The Meehl Foundation is a non-profit 501(c )(3). 100% of all sales and proceeds are applied to program funding and development. Mark & Debra Meehl receive NO compensation from tuition, purchases, or donations. These services provided are a labor of love.

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