Psilocybin Retreats-Ancestorial Healing

Do you feel disconnected from a sense of tribe or culture? Do you feel an aching yearning for a long distant era? Do you feel a deep longing to reconnect with your distant ancestors?
Do you ever feel haunted by your family history? Do you feel limited, stifled, or controlled by the stories they told? Do you struggle to free yourself from repeated life patterns? Are you committed to healing your family’s long held karma? Do you feel driven to protect your children… and their children… from repeating the same stories, mistakes, and traumas? Poverty, alcohol, drugs, abuse ?

Have you wondered how the shamans and priestesses of old overcame these feelings to heal the past and change the future?

Ancestral Medicine is the answer to healing all these feelings… and more. And our simple approach to this ages old technique is available to you now through this exclusive 3-day healing retreat!  We do this through Soul Retrieval 

You are being called to change the course of the world by healing the course of your own ancestral lineage. You are being called to reclaim the lost and missing pieces of yourself by reconciling, revving, and healing your family history. You are being called to reawaken the healing ways of your distant ancestors  and  re-enliven the medicine of spirit in a way so vibrant, so concentrated, so powerful, and so profound that it radiates across space and time… eons into the past and future… and out into the world around you long after your healing has begun.  Plant Medicine makes this happen

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