Psilocybin Retreats for LGBTQ Community

Used for centuries by indigenous cultures around the world, the sacrament of plant medicines have served as a touch point for direct connection to the god of your understanding, and a universal salve for healing on a SOUL level. Gently expand toward increased fulfillment and heart-healing with carefully curated ceremonies – including cacao, Kambo, hapè, Sananga, and more – designed to help you effortlessly heal at a SOUL level by retrieving the missing pieces of your soul, erasing the root of past trauma, dissolving fear-based belief, confronting self-sabotaging behavior, and ultimately achieving a more intimate relationship with yourself and the world around you.
During this intensive 3-day retreat, you will have the opportunity to commune with a variety of sacraments, including: – Kambo – Cacao – Los Niños – Hapè – Sananga In addition, you will receive daily guidance and education to fully prepare for and integrate after each ceremony.
Including: ✔️ Guided shamanic trancework for soul retrieval, past life regression, and introduction to your personal team of guides/totems. ✔️ Energy work for the removal of negative attachments and chakra healing. ✔️ The most important elements to safe, comfortable, and effective ceremony. ✔️ An experiential understanding of sacred space and spiritual protections. ✔️ An in-depth analysis of the differences between recreational and ceremonial medicine.
Accommodations Include: “glamping” in our bell tents, cabin, or Dome with all bedding provided – Indoor bathrooms/showers –
If glamping is not your style we have our
Air B&B option – –
Light, brain healthy meals compliant with the shamanic “Dieta” – Access to all grounds, with hiking 🥾 47 acres if you choose – Powerful ceremonies with potent plant medicines *Please Note: All bookings are non-refundable, however if you need to reschedule we hold your space for 2 years.
Please make sure you have cleared this ceremony with your doctor if you are on any medications and you must be 21 years old or older to attend.  If you have any questions please text us at 979.248.0840
For frequently asked questions and further information on the upcoming 2024 dates visit: