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Psychedelics derive their name from the words psyche which means soul and the word delos which means to clear or to manifest.

The literal translation of the word psychedelic would be the manifest(er) of the soul or soul purifier. Now, as we will show, that’s just a step away from soul retrieval.  This is why that working with a Shaman that specializes in soul retrieval and sin-eating the negative energy that is attached to the soul-body is the preferred method of psilocybin mushroom ceremony healing. 

There are different classes and types of psychedelics as well as myths that slander about these nature’s cures for many types of illnesses.

First of all, little to no psychedelics cause addiction. It actually vice versa as it can be. Some psychedelics, such as psilocybin mushrooms (magic mushrooms) are actually used in anti-addictive therapies.

Secondly, there’s little to no evidence that psychedelics damage nerve cells. On the contrary, there’s a lot of evidence that they restructure your brain cells and promote the growth of neurons and synapses.

Thirdly, most of the psychedelics are suspected to very successfully treat mood disorders such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, mania, hypomania, etc.

Psychedelics also give remarkable results in treating other types of disorders such as PTSD and OCD.

Furthermore, they work to provide hallucinogenic experiences to the consumer, although the more spiritually inclined people wouldn’t call those experiences hallucinations, but visions.

Mental states and images induced by the ingestion of psychedelics are resembling dreams and prophetic visions, whereas a person may visualize strange archetypal symbols, images, and sensations.

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Many users report their consciousness and awareness expanding during the psychedelic experience and long after it has passed.

People who used psychedelics report the lifelong positive changes in their attitudes and views of the world, themselves, their place in the society and the purpose of their connections to other people.

Others say that psychedelics experiences taught them how to feel, love, think or create.

It’s a well-known fact that many artists, spiritual seekers, shamans, wise men, sages, gurus, dream walkers, mediums, scientists and entrepreneurs have used psychedelics for plethora of reasons.

Shamanic Healing

Artists used psychedelic ceremony to induce creativity and reconnect with themselves and their souls on a deep level which allowed them to immerse into the field of universal flow, clarity and serene creativity.

Shamans and sages used psychedelics to better open minds and chakras and get a faster connection with the spirit world. Most of the tribes have a history of psychedelic use as a means to obtain visions, to heal their patients and to heal the land and the water. 

Scientists and entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs have used psychedelics to break out through the blockages in their problem-solving thinking, etc.

So how do psychedelics relate to soul retrieval?

Soul retrieval or Soul Hunting is a shamanic form of therapy designed to find and bring back the lost parts of a person’s soul.

Already the therapy resembles a more modern form of psychotherapy done by certified therapists, psychologists, and psychiatrists.

Many therapists do guided administrations of psychedelics such as MDMA or Psilocibyn to help treat PTSD and other similar psychiatric disorders.  

Many ancient cultures worldwide believed that sickness and suffering happen due to fragments of the soul gone missing. That is a state that shamans and spiritual teachers call “soul loss.”

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Soul loss can happen when someone experiences trauma. The traumatized soul leaves to find a place to hide and doesn’t want to come back so as not to experience the same pain again.

A soulful person is easy to spot. Such people are comfortable with who they are, they fully feel their emotions and their thoughts are in tune with their higher purpose.

Soulful people have minds free of doubt and worry. They rarely complain and make choices without having to dwell on them for too long.

The soul can be imprisoned by ego or it can go missing. Losing a soul or souls loss is losing a crucial part of ourselves which provides us with vitality.

If you feel like you’re missing a certain part of yourself or that you’re incomplete, that you’re not whole, you might have lost a part of your soul. Soul loss can often manifest as a chronic illness.

Psychedelics work to inhibit the cognitive structures of prefrontal neocortex where your self-awareness is maintained. That way, psychedelics literally physically alter your consciousness.

That’s why people who have taken psychedelics report the feeling of unity with nature and a sense of being whole and one with the universe, all life and all of the existence.

That way, by knocking out your prefrontal cortex and by temporarily killing your ego and altering your self- awareness modality, psychedelics allow you to sink deep into your true nature to look for your soul.

Some people also willingly give their soul parts to their friends or loved ones who unconsciously hurt them. Soul loss can happen due to a traumatic relationship.

Vital signs of a person who experienced soul loss can be normal, but the person will feel like a zombie more or less.

Such people are apathetic. They feel numb and empty. The other word for that is depression and most of the psychedelics are structural analogs of the medication psychiatrists use to treat depression.

Psychedelic Ceremony

That means that psychedelics prolong the action of naturally occurring serotonin in your central nervous system.

That way they’re reminding you of the feeling of being whole and experiencing the joy of life that only a soul can feel. That way, psychedelics have brought you to the part of the soul you’ve lost or buried.

Not to mention that they open the crown chakra and the pineal gland that allows you to travel through spiritual dimensions and actually look for your soul.

You may experience visions that can point you to the reason and the way you lost your soul in the first place.

By better understanding who you are and what your purpose in this world is, you have better chances of retrieving your soul.

Psychedelics can help you feel complete again and remember certain suppressed traumatic periods of your life that you need to unearth and make peace with so that your soul may return to you.

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