What are Psychedelic Mushrooms?


Psychedelic mushroom ceremonies are widely used by indigenous communities across the world and have been employed to aid spiritual development and healing for thousands of years. Psychedelic mushrooms are both a medicine and a teacher to indigenous tribes, they are seen as healers and guides wherein the spiritual journey that they take you on is  viewed as part of an ongoing relationship.


Psychedelic mushrooms refer to any fungus which naturally produces psychoactive chemicals such as psilocybin, psilocin, baeocystin , and norbaeocystin. There are over 200 species “magic” mushrooms, some of which are more portent than others. The variety of mushroom and the dose that you consume will make all the difference in your experience. As your Shaman should explain, each species has its own important properties and spirit… a kind of ‘personality’ of sorts… which contribute to how it  teaches and guides your healing experience.


When you regularly take part in psychedelic mushroom ceremonies you build a relationship with the spirits of the plant. Shamanic wisdom says that in taking a plant medicine you create a long term link with these spirits, which allows you to tap into their wisdom whenever you need to.


Scientific studies have shown that some species of the psychedelic mushroom have a beneficial effect on conditions such as anxiety, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and depression.


Why attend a Psychedelic Mushroom Ceremony?


The reasons for seeking healing through plant medicine are different for every person. But the common denominator is the healing itself. The ceremony revolves around the mushroom as a teacher and in it you are creating an experience where you have a relationship with the plant to receive wisdom and healing in a very personal way. Your intention for the experience serves to guide where your journey takes you. Sometimes the journey can be complicated, especially if you are conquering past demons or deep emotional traumas, which is why the psychedelic experience is best experienced in a supportive ceremony.


Shamanic Healing


The ceremony allows you to let go mentally and emotionally and be fully guided by the medicine to receive shamanic healing on a deep spiritual level… a feat that is difficult to achieve outside of a supportive and structured environment. Because the medicine challenges our perceptions of self and reality, it is important to know that you will be safe and supported for the duration of your journey… with likeminded people who understand your intention and are familiar with the specific teacher-spirit you will be working with.


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Plant Medicine


The effects of the medicine can be disorienting, and it is important to work with a shaman who has a standing relationship with the medicine so that they can guide you through your experience comfortably and confidently. The medicine acts as a bridge between the seen and unseen realms, connecting your rational mind to your spiritual and emotional bodies. But, in doing so, it also connects this reality with the shamanic worlds beyond, allowing you to experience revelations from those realms in a very real and tangible way. You may be surprised to see things that don’t exist in “real life”, momentarily glimpse or understand the underlying cycle, purpose, and structure of your life, or personally meet the god of your understanding. In such circumstances, it can be easy to momentarily forget how everyday things function or to feel untethered from “reality”. The shaman and the ceremony itself serve as an anchor and a safe space, allowing you to experience such epiphanies without losing touch with or otherwise endangering yourself.  



This is why we strongly caution against ingesting psychedelic plant medicine at a party or in any venue without support. A party or informal setting is unlikely to be protected space, and it could be dangerous both emotionally and spiritually. Your dose needs to be finely calibrated and you need to be in a protective environment to ensure your experience is positive. During Shamanic Healing ceremony, you are with like-minded people all experiencing a spiritual journey of healing under the care of a shaman practiced in ensuring that you journey safely. And that makes all the difference between a disorienting “trip” and a memorable, life changing “journey”.