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psychedelics for Soul Loss


Psychedelic treatments have become some of the most powerful therapeutic tools for personal healing and growth, today. The Psychedelic mushrooms that are the main center of these treatments are often referred to as “God mushroom” because of their capabilities to induce a certain super-natural effect in and outside of the human body. Psychedelic mushrooms work by altering your personal perception of the influence time and space.


 This is the reason why many see this therapeutic experience as a spiritual rejuvenation that is not controlled by human time and perception. Though psychedelics are popular worldwide, the origin of psychedelic mushroom which is one of the most popular psychedelics around is believed to have originated from Central America about 9,000 years ago. It was referred to in the Aztec world as “teonanacatl” which also means the divine mushroom. It is quite common to see these mushrooms represented in different artwork all around the world, including the Sahara Dessert where the earlier portrayals of the psychedelic fungi can be found.  


plant medicine, plant medicine ceremony, shamanic healing, shamanic weekend retreats, psychedelic mushrooms, psilocybin mushrooms, magic mushroom, Shrooms,
plant medicine


The Carl Jung Psychedelic Experience


Carl Jung, the famous Swiss psychologist is one of the few people who documented the psychedelic experiences they had. The Carl Jung book is a 100-year old book that has been kept in a secret vault in a bank in Switzerland for at least 25 years. The pages of the book have writings made from parchments of thick cream-colored inscriptions with some paintings depicting sacred creatures and archetypal messages showing his encounter with gods and the devils.


Carl Jung later described this psychedelic period of his life as “A confrontation with the unconscious”. In the book, Carl described his visions as an incessant stream of visuals which he was able to describe in paintings. Several investigations conducted on the psychedelic effects of mushrooms have confirmed the effect of the magical substance in helping the users to have encounters with their sub-conscious minds in other for soul retrieval.


Psychedelic Mushrooms and the Brain


Psychedelic mushroom, also referred to as “Magic mushroom” contains a substance known as Psilocybin which binds itself to a receptor in the brain to create some theta brain waves. The Psilocybin can trigger some mild distortions to the sensory organs of the body, leading to hallucinations and mood changes which some people described as lucid dreaming.


Psychedelic mushroom consumptions release Psilocybin that is known to create an effect best described as “expanded consciousness”. Researchers have used the MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) technology to figure out what the effect of Psychedelic mushrooms look like inside the brain.


They noticed some spike in activity levels inside the brain network and most of these activities center around the Hippocampus and the Anterior Cingulate Cortex regions. It was also confirmed that the Psilocybin molecules were able to trigger some emotional thinking in individuals who consume a substantial amount of Psychedelic mushroom. In the psychedelic state, there were fewer constraints on brain activities and some high level of thinking.


The vivid dreams experienced as a result of psychedelic mushroom consumption were triggered through the release of psilocybin substances that attach to serotonin hormones in the brain to trigger many activities at the same time.


Psilocybin has also been discovered to bind itself to the brain receptors that stimulate healing; hence it is believed that these substances promote the growth and repair of brain cells. These effects could be beneficial to individuals suffering from depression and other mental illnesses.


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Psychedelic Mushrooms for Soul Retrieval 


Soul loss is something we can  experience at different points in time especially as a result of trauma; emotional, physical or spiritual . It is believed that when you lose your soul, you will lose your essence of your true self, a piece of your personality that connects you to the Divine of your understanding,  and your ego becomes altered. Your ego is your sense of “I” or “Me”. The ego is committed to having you protected from harm, pain, and discomfort. It does this in three ways; power and control, esteem and affirmation and security and survival. 


 It is your ego that wouldn’t allow you to open your mind to experience certain new thoughts or behaviors because it is afraid and vulnerable.  When you create open access to these emotions, you feel them through meaningful visions, then you will be able to re-calibrate how such emotions and thoughts  affect you. The question you should ask yourself is; why do some people still keep a positive attitude despite being faced with terrible situations? The answer is simple, they have been able to develop a thick skin against negative emotions, hence they can handle those difficult moments. This is one of the ways through which Psychedelic mushroom treatments can help you. When you create meaningful visions out of every situation, your perspective will change because you will be able to control your conscious mind which will positively influence your sub-conscious mind which is your soul.


Losing Your Soul and retrieving it Through Psychedelics


Psychedelic treatments for soul retrieval produce some symmetrically patterned visions and these archetypal visions will be so vivid and reliable; hence they raise some questions about soul retrieval.


The soul retrieval process is achieved when psychedelic substance loosens your perceptual-binding. Simply put, you become bound perceptually because of the continuous sights and sounds that have bombarded your mind and impose certain beliefs about yourself. Your brain will naturally impose some order of doing things on your conscious mind until you distort that order through Psychedelic treatment. This is the reason why certain visions of past occurrences and current happenings come to your head when you begin to feel the effect of psychedelic treatments.


Psychedelics will alter your body’s consciousness and your vision begins to overwrite itself from one moment to the other.  Soul retrieval  can happen with or without psychedelics taking you into the past through the creation of meaningful visions, Psychedelics just make the process easier and faster.   The first few minutes of psychedelic treatments is usually the most chaotic and you will eventually fall into a moment of lucid dreaming or trance  when you will become slightly aware of your visions, hence you will gain a little control over the characters or components and the environment, and this is the moment when you start retrieving your soul parts or life from perceptual-binding concepts or lifestyle. At the end of the psychedelic experience, you will notice how natural it has become for you to try and do things differently from how you used to.  This is one reason why it is so powerful in addiction treatment. 


Psychedelics and Your Connection to the Outside World


Your perpetual binding is your number one enemy because it creates your personality or sense of self. If you don’t unify your senses and learn to live from one moment to the other, then you will never experience something new. One of the main effects of psychedelics is that you will initially lose your sense of self. This experience could be very frightening especially when you use a high dose of the psychedelic mushrooms. One variant of Psychedelic, known as “5-MeO-DMT”, is known to create an effect known as “ego death”. The ego death is the moment when you lose your sense of self and it seems you have been disconnected from the outside world and you are suddenly faced with reality.


When you lose your sense of self, those boundaries between you and the world will fizzle out. Psychedelics, for this reason, will help you understand your consciousness. It will help you understand how your consciousness has created mental and psychological disorders that dictate what you do daily. Many regarded the moment of losing your self-being as the moment your soul is lost. Sometimes, we do have dreams that don’t have any meaning because our conscious mind is trying to break loose from the disorderliness that has characterized our lives. Once you regain your soul through psychedelic treatment, you will naturally understand the way to deal with different things differently. You may appear to be a super-human which could be weird in the beginning.



Shamanic Healing


On a personal level, it is important to understand what is happening in your mind to gain those insights and skills that will eventually help you cope and deal with strange occurrences in life. If you don’t understand something or situation, it is quite rational for you to hate it. If you are interested in expanding and exploring your consciousness the more psychedelic treatment can offer that sense of connection whereby you wouldn’t see yourself as a separate entity again but an integral part of the world. 


Psychedelic treatments have been found to have helped many people on suicidal thoughts to regain their sanity, likewise, it has been shown to help people facing depression, panic attacks, and anxiety to look at a situation in a different way. To enjoy the benefits of psychedelic treatments you will have to start with a Shaman or a traditional psychedelic healer until you can work out your dose. Attending the psychedelic cultural events can also be an ideal opportunity to learn more about the therapy.


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