Over the years, tobacco has always been associated with negative effects. Most studies that has been carried out this plant has always been aimed at portraying the negative and harmful effects of this plant.

     But the truth is that the tobacco plant is not entirely a harmful plant it only becomes dangerous when it is used in the wrong proportions and without proper caution and medication. The beneficial properties of this plants and some other amazing properties of this plant will be discussed in this article.

Ceremonial Tobacco vs commercial tobacco

Tobacco as a spiritual tool

       For over three thousand years, tobacco has been used to prepare people for spiritual experiences. This benefit of the tobacco plant has been exploited by people in the ancient amazon, and most indigenous tribes across the globe,  and also today by some people, that understand the essence  and purpose of the plant.   

       The tobacco plant is used for spiritual purposes because it has been observed to helps people who are about to go on spiritual journeys to clear away excessive energies, and also helps them in setting their intentions right.

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       The tobacco plant unlike other spiritual plants has a balanced effect on the individual using it, as long as it is used in a right proportion. This balanced effect is due to the fact that the tobacco plant has both grounding and uplifting effect on the person using it.  This is considered Grandfather Medicine, thus it is favored by many spiritualist as an effective spiritual tool because it directly connects you to the Spirit World. 

Medicinal properties of tobacco

      It is very important to note that the tobacco plant can be very dangerous to the body system if it abused or used without proper guidance and monitoring as the tobacco plant contains nicotine which is a very addictive substance and it is taken without proper care can cause a dangerous addiction.  If you have an addiction, one of the easiest way to reduce your use, it to buy organic tobacco and roll your own.  This take the harsh chemicals and pesticides out of it.  Rolling your own is a mindful and awareness process that can ground you to this medicine, you are thereby making a conscious choice and not a mindless choice in your use. 

 Research has shown that the nicotine contained in the tobacco plant help the body in the stimulation of the flow of blood to the brain. This helps the brain to function better and also gives the user a feeling of alertness and concentration. It has a norepinephrine effect.  Also there is evidence that the nicotine has a mood and concentration enhancing effects on individuals with depression and cognitive problems [issues relating to mental awareness and judgement]. It also helps relive unwelcomed side effects on patients on drugs and medication, especially those on which antipsychotic drugs are being administered.  This is way many patients with mood disorders feel driven to use it. 

Protective effects of tobacco

The nicotine that is a major component of the tobacco plant also has some beneficial effects on the body. When used in a controlled environment and also under supervision has some preventive effects against some disease.

Corporate greed and money have taken over the tobacco industry.  What was given to use as a plant medicine, is no longer used in ceremony to heal, but misused as a mood stabilizer, and a teen misappropriation as a rebellious behavior to fit in.   Commercial tobacco is designed to make you addicted, and is of course sprayed with a variety of pesticide and chemicals that make your mind and body sick. 

Ceremonial tobacco is gown and harvested with respect to the plant and it is rarely smoked.  It is generally used for smudging, even though the Shaman may blow it onto you they do not inhale, they do this to remove negative energy and open the pathway to direct communication to the Sprit world.    Tobacco and Sage; are used in combination to remove dark energy.  Tobacco and Cedar; are used to cleanse and protect the energy body.   Tobacco and Sweetgrass:, to bring a spirit of love and kindness usually at the end of a Shamanic ceremony as a balance to the intense work that was done.    

Understanding and working with a plant to the best of your ability is crucial in understanding its healing properties.  Planting, harvesting, storing, and using all bring us closer to the plants spirit and essence.  If we live in an area where we cannot grow, we are careful to use plants that are organic and ethically harvested. When you understand that “plant people” carry the spirit of the Divine and are there for us to use, your respect and compassion are cultivated to higher level.   

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