When you think about the word ‘shaman’, what comes to mind? Many think of shamanism as specific to indigenous cultures, but while it may be one of the oldest spiritual practices in the world, it’s also a tradition which can be used by people from any walk of life. In fact, those practicing shamanism encourage others to tailor their practice to align with their own culture, taking guidance from their spirit teachers to aid them on their journey.

What Is a Shaman?

When answering this, it can be easier to start with the question of ‘what is shamanism?’.

This ancient healing tradition helps us to naturally connect with all of creation, forming a link between ourselves and the spiritual world. Such practices can be used to heal both ourselves and others by restoring balance in energies which may have been imprinted with negative experiences and events. This can affect health and well-being, stopping us from living a life of happiness or fulfilling our true purpose.

Shamans can act as both spiritual teachers and healers, using their own intuition and spiritual connections to help others on a shamanic journey while imparting their knowledge so that others can continue the practice in their modern lives.

Shamanic practitioners can:

  • Help others to lay the foundation for shamanic studies
  • Shift their state of awareness to form a bridge between their consciousness and the spiritual realm
  • Call upon their own spirit teachers to aid them in effective practice
  • Participate in the shamanic energy healing of others, removing misplaced energy which is causing imbalances to the mind, body, and soul
  • Teach others about the benefits of various different techniques and therapies such as shamanic reiki
  • Empower others to apply these ancient techniques to everyday life and take responsibility for their own healing going forward
  • Use tools to aid shamanic healing such as drums, music, and fire

Where Can I Find Shamanic Healing Near Me?

From a law of attraction course to reiki, there are plenty of options for making positive changes in your life. However, if looking to benefit from shamanism, attending a series of  shamanic retreats can help you to learn from Shamans and how to apply healing techniques to your life.

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Our Range of Three Spiritual Retreats

  • Medicine Wheel Retreat – Learn from Debra Meehl, who’ll take you on the ancient journey around the healing medicine wheel. This is a weekend of sacred discovery and deep spiritual awakening.
  • Elemental Healing Retreat – Explore shamanic wisdom with other like-hearted women while meeting shamanic teachers from a range of practices and modalities. Experience personal healings, workshops, and healing by the fireside.
  • Soul Retrieval Retreat – Gain fearlessness and the knowledge to embrace life while making the changes you need to with unwavering confidence and resilience.

Retreat Information

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