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Shamanic Healing

Debra Meehl

If you are feeling empty or unfulfilled in life, or feel as if you can’t let go of the past then you may benefit from the holistic power of a Shaman.

A Native American Seer once told Debra she was destined to ‘walk alone’, and since then she has followed a path which helps her heal and support others. She has spent her life caring for the mind, body and spirit of others. Initially, Debra served as a Paramedic trained in Psychological Emergencies, then as an Ordained Minister trained in Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT). 

Shamans near me?

Although not Native American herself Debra has a spiritual ancestry which comes from the old cultures of Europe, from the native peoples of what is now the United Kingdom,  and indigenous Russians who crossed the Bering Strait. Her shamanic heritage first manifested itself after a period of unrest in her own life and she subsequently felt guided towards training and practising as a Shaman.

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kambo Treatment

For many years Debra has followed a tribal way of looking beyond the physical body to heal those in need. The Divine Mind has been a constant source of teaching and inspiration in Debra’s life and has allowed her to aid those who are troubled by a sense that their soul is in distress. At the Meehl Foundation Debra commits herself to help others via soul level healing in the form of Soul Retrieval and the removal of dark energy.

Being a Shaman is an art and a state of being, not a license or certification. Becoming at one with the guiding principles of peace and understanding is a path a Shaman follows throughout their life and it is this which allows them to be a vessel through which others can be healed on a true soul level.

If you feel empty, or as if something is missing in your life you may want to explore soul level healing guided by a Shaman.

Finding a shaman near you…

You can open yourself to the collective ancestral knowledge and learn how to free your whole being by exploring your own knowledge and truth. Your shamanic journey will put you on the path to a lighter more fulfilling future but do bear in mind that you will have to engage fully with the experience.

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plant medicine

Seek help and support from someone experienced in shamanic practices and journey work, they can guide you with their knowledge. You will also be more comfortable and therefore more likely to open yourself fully if you are in a comfortable, relaxed setting. Think carefully about what you would like to achieve on your shamanic journey, there are a variety of ways of practicing to explore.

Here at the Meehl Foundation we facilitate and guide Shamanic Ceremony to help enter a trance and connect with the spiritual realm. Our plant medicine ceremonies open the doorway to a deep relationship with the natural world and the god of your understanding, while our Shamanic practitioners allow their own spirit guides to assist with Shamanic Reiki and hands-on healing. They assist in restoring balance using their deep connection with the spiritual world to help you let go of the pain of the past.

Debra is happy to welcome people to the Meehl Foundation, to explore how we can help you to get started on your path to a fulfilled life. 

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