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The various traditions involved in shamanism and its benefits have taken many paths across the years. From meditation to the use of sound, finding the right practice for you requires time and patience.

The interpretation of dreams and visions has spanned across many cultures and beliefs with many believing they give us insight into some of the deepest parts of our minds. For those interested in shamanic dream work, it’s a fascinating concept to explore.

What Are Shamanic Dream Practices?

Shamanic journeying involves entering a trance-like state and connecting with the spirit realms. It’s a way to open your mind and awareness levels to unlock the wisdom already present, taking the guidance from the spiritual world and using the energy around us to restore balance in areas which are causing suffering in mind, body or soul. This helps us to overcome self-limiting thoughts and beliefs, having the courage and confidence to start living a life of joy.

Some develop their shamanic healing practices further and believe that shamanic dreaming is our time to transform, heal, and seek further guidance while journeying through time. Those with strong shamanic dreams can access higher levels of wisdom and awareness of the past, present, and future, making dreaming a more conscious process. This includes recognizing the secret desires of the authentic self and creating the future you want. The practice uses these concepts and suggests that actions can be implemented to change our lives and take us on the path we want to go on to meet our true purpose.

In modern times, those who want to explore dreamwork techniques use shamanic meditation to help them consciously alter their state of awareness, and some use sounds and drumming to help them achieve this.

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How to Start Your Shamanic Journey

One of the best ways to explore the shamanic experience and the various traditions and techniques you can use is by meeting practitioners from a range of backgrounds. One of the most powerful ways to explore shamanic initiation and the benefits of dream work is to go on a series of weekend spiritual retreats to fully immerse yourself in learning about and experiencing shamanic healing rituals.

Our series of shamanic retreats offer an amazing setting for those interested, and we welcome practitioners and spiritually-minded individuals from across the world to join us – even those looking for shamanic healing NYC help. This includes our Joyful Transformation retreat which helps you to address each part of your being to help let go of unhelpful beliefs which are holding you back from living a life of joy. We also host a Plant Medicine Retreat (a cross-cultural shaman) takes you on a sacred journey to discover the healing benefits embedded in the wheel and four directions. Finally, our Shamanic Sisterhood retreat brings together women to explore feminine spiritually and how we can support and empower each other on our sacred earth walk.

Start your shamanic journey on a luxury retreat.

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If you’d like to explore shamanic concepts further including the shamanic dream, take a look at our retreat information pages and book your place now.

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