Many feel a lack of balance in their lives and want to make meaningful changes which will help bring their ‘whole self’ back into alignment.

For thousands of years, shamanic drumming has helped people around the world make a connection to spiritual energies. The technique uses sound and shamanic music, forming a bridge to the spiritual world while opening an awareness to all participants of the ritual which can be created with a drumming circle.

What Is Shamanic Drumming?

Drumming can help form the foundation for shamanic studies with the ritual best performed at fireside. This heats the drums to the desired pitch, and a practitioner may even hit different parts of the drum to make specific connections with the spiritual world.

It aims to produce a trance state in which to connect with spiritual realms while generating a healing energy. The repetitive rhythm starts at a slow pace, building in intensity to help induce a deep trance while facilitating techniques such as shamanic journey drumming. Returning to a normal state of consciousness is achieved by simply slowing the drumming tempo.

What is shamanic healing?

For those practicing the drumming, progressing through the trace states will help them reach the acquired level to start healing in the whole self. The rhythmic healing techniques are a form of therapy for enhanced health and well-being, whether that be physical, mental or emotional healing.

Benefits of Shamanic Retreats & Where to Find One

Those wanting to find a shamanic practitioner should explore the idea of attending a shamanic Healing  retreat.

Benefits include:

  • Learning the art of shamanic drumming
  • Gaining access to experienced shamanic teachers
  • Relaxing and unwinding with fireside drumming
  • Fully healing after a day of shamanic workshops
  • Enhancing your health, joy and productivity
  • Making meaningful changes in your life
  • Sharing the experience with like-minded people
  • Applying an ancient tradition to modern life

Here at The Meehl Foundation, we have three luxury retreats on offer. Two are focused on shamanic practices – the Kambo Treatment Ceremony  and the plant medicine retreat.  

Shamanic Sisterhood

Finding a network of like-hearted women to share your shamanism experiences with is something pretty special. This is exactly what we provide during our luxury shamanic Healing retreat. Over the course of 3 days, you’ll have the freedom to share your passion for authentic spirituality while exploring the benefits of shamanic rituals. Share your emerging knowledge through workshops, personal healings, and drumming circles. Together, you’ll be part of the evolving shamanic landscape while rekindling ancient roots.

Plant Medcine Retreat

On our 3-day Plant Medicine Retreat, you’ll be joined by the cross-cultural shaman, Debra Meehl . During a weekend of spiritual awakening and discovery, you’ll be guided on the healing journey embedded in the medicine wheel. The ancient art of Earth Activation helps you to journey into the shamanic realm while connecting with the Earth’s energies around you. You’ll even make your own wheel after selecting personal totems you’ve connected with.

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