Many people want to change their lives, from feeling unhappy about the environment they’re in to an inability to let go of the past. When negative thoughts and feelings are controlling your life path, it can create a negative cycle of suffering. Shamanic energy healing is an ancient technique which can be applied to modern day life, helping people to find their authentic self and live a life of joy and purpose.

What Is Shamanic Energy Healing?

Shamanic healing takes on the belief that we can restore the balance felt in our lives by clearing the energies around us.

The energy field surrounding us contains imprints of history such as illness and trauma, which may have been stored due to emotions experienced during a negative event, for example. Unless this energy is cleared, it can have an adverse impact on all aspects of our health and well-being (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual), in a never-ending cycle.

The shamanic form of energy healing aims to produce powerful benefits including a shamanic journey of self-discovery and making lasting, empowering changes. This could be steps to improve overall health, letting go of guilt or making changes with confidence (such as a job change, relationship or finding your true purpose).

Where to Find Healing Retreats

Spiritual retreats offer a place to facilitate healing and transformation practices through the participation of both clients and practitioners. Much like a law of attraction course, shamanic practices empower you to go forth with a new found energy for achieving your goals. Attending various shamanic retreats are the ideal way to meet teachers from a variety of backgrounds and modalities. From healing in a group session through shamanic drumming circles to experiencing personal readings or shamanic reiki, you’ll find techniques to suit you which you’ll use to maintain your practice at home.

  • Shamanic Sisterhood retreat – Gather with like-hearted women in a 3-day spirit-focused sisterhood. Meet a collective of healers from varying practices as well as personal healings and hands-on workshops. Together, explore an evolving landscape of shamanic wisdom while sharing a passion for authentic, feminine spirituality.


  • Joyful Transformation retreat – Use modern healing therapies to challenge unhealthy beliefs, addressing the whole self. Using life transformation techniques, you’ll find a true connection between the body and mind, encouraging deep self-realization and healing. Make the changes you need to find blissful fulfillment.


  • Medicine wheel retreat – Take the guidance of an expert shaman to journey into the shamanic realm. The healing journey embedded in the medicine wheel is a reflection of seasons and life cycles, and this is something you’ll rediscover with the help of Gwilda Wiyaka. You can also acquire resources to continue the healing process at home.

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