When delving into the world of shamanism, it can be hard to know where to start when looking for a shamanic healing experience.

From shamanic healing NYC based teachers to Shamans  in  Houston Texas, there’s a multitude of ways to begin your journey.

Benefits of the Shamanic Experience & Its Various Forms

Learning the art of shamanic journeying can be challenging if one is not open to it, but it’s something everyone can experience, taking an ancient tradition and applying it to modern-day life. It’s about addressing the whole being and discovering our own hidden knowledge to help us experience fulfilled lives rather than letting past negative experiences, thoughts, and emotions create an endless cycle of suffering.

Here are some of the experiences and terms you may come across when exploring what shamanism can do for you.

  • Shamanic meditation – entering a shamanic dream or trance-like state to connect deeply with the spiritual realm.
  • Shamanic drumming – using sounds, repetitive rhythms and group sessions to achieve an altered state of consciousness and return to normal once ready.
  • Shamanic reiki & hands-on workshops – Shamanic practitioners and teachers will use their own connections with spirit guides to perform shamanic healing rituals.
  • Shamanic energy healing – Those in deep connection with the spiritual world can use the energies around us to restore balance and initiate healing in the mind, body, and soul.
  • Shamanic initiation – Throughout history, many understand this concept as an experience in which great suffering must be overcome to reach shaman-status. However, in the modern world, overcoming suffering is something which can take many paths.

Where to Find Shamanic Experiences

There are many places and ways in which to start your shamanic journey, but there are some factors to consider when looking to get the most out of your practices.

Here are our top tips for a rewarding experience.

  • Access the knowledge and guidance of those experienced in shamanic practices and journey work.
  • Have clear intentions for what you would like to achieve.
  • Explore varying practices and modalities to see which work best for you.
  • Find a relaxed setting in which to explore shamanism and be open to the spiritual world.
  • Share your knowledge and experiences with others.

Once you become experienced in journeying, it’s something which you can apply to your life and routines wherever you are.

If you’re passionate about feminine shamanism spirituality, it can also be beneficial to find a retreat which lets you explore these concepts with other authentic spiritually-minded women. This can be one of the most empowering ways to grow a supportive network.

Book a Spiritual Retreat

Here at the Meehl Foundation, we run a series of shamanic retreats including our Joyful Transformation retreat in which we’ll help you to start living a life of joy. There’s also a 3-day Plant-medicine retreat in which you’ll be led on your journey by a cross-cultural shaman. To dive into the world of the Shamanic Sisterhood, join other like-hearted women to meet practitioners from a range of backgrounds and traditions.

All of our retreats are set in casual luxury, providing the ideal setting to explore your own shamanic experience. Find out more and book your place on our retreat information page.

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