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I am asked all the time what “ceremony” is and how you do it within a container of healing.  This is but a brief description of what is done and why it is very important when you are doing any entheogens.  Medicine plants and psychedelics have been used for thousands of years, very successfully for healing and spiritual enlightenment. They were never intended for the casual party goer.  However, some have had amazing results even in that environment, but I would not recommend it. 

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When we create a space or an environment that supports vulnerability and we are truly open – we can truly change.  Our desire is the burning fire in our core, a longing, an ache for healing, a connectedness to oneness (god), or some great sorrow.  Our need creates a vacuum in the universe that pulls the healing energy to us.  When nothing comes, the burning desire continues and the vacuum gets larger and stronger- the Universe hates a vacuum.  Help is on the way.  A teacher of sorts.

plant medicine
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How does Shamanic healing happen?

Shamans develop a heartfelt conversation between the deepest levels of themselves and the Spirits of kindness, compassion, love and generosity. These are all the aspects of the Living God/Goddess or Spirit of our understanding.   We call these spirits to us, inviting then to our healing circle, and then we call our ancestors from thousands of years ago along with our participants’ ancestors and guides.  These spirits have waited your whole life to help you.  They come in many shapes and forms and they come to you for you to truly see the inner you.  They come to guide you to a healing at a soul level- because when we heal at a soul level we no longer have to keep searching for the missing key that completes us-we “feel” whole and authentic.  None of this is done in one session, but as we peel the layers of our wounds off like an onion we need less and less healing. Once that is done we stand in the gap of time and space for others- the ether where we draw down the light of the Divine for others to heal. This is the true work of the Shaman. 

Shamanic Healing comes out in a fierce declaration of personal sovereignty. That personal sovereignty is not haughty or egotistical.  It is the direct knowing that we are only a vessel, a hollow bone.  We are nothing but what the Spirit allows in the moment.

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During a Shamanic Healing Ceremony is where we ride this wave of self-sovereign healing energy. We feel that energy rise with a slow build of drums, songs and powerful music, the release for our participants, comes with tears of gratitude, a gentle cry, or peals of laughter.    If not acted upon the tide of energy will subside.   If we choose we can allow this tide to rise and fall many times until we “feel” safe enough to allow our walls down to experience the emotion, and that raw emotion then becomes focused into pure energy of intentional healing. 

Shamans hold this flow. Then we step back.  Our bodies and our spirit listen and at this time a response comes, it can be slight or astounding but always comes from deep inside us.  It comes directly from the spirit world, the ether.  In this place we are told what to do for our participants.  We are in a deep place, with complete trust and we don’t look back, everything is now in the hand of Spirit.  This pivotal moment in ceremony only takes a few moments for each individual, but it does not happen without mindful planning, grounding, and the development of sacred space.  Calling the direction by someone that knows the spirits of the air, water, fire and earth, and spirit, goes a long way in a ceremony that is guarded by kind and helpful spirits. 

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How do you know if your shaman is holding space?

 So here are a few questions to ask yourself and anyone holding space for your healing:  Does this shaman or plant facilitator know the spirits that they work with? Do they have any hesitancy in speaking with you about this?  Do they call in a container for ceremony?  What does it look like to them? Do they know how to dispatch and discharge negative energy and attachments? For my Christian bothers and sisters, you would call that a demon.  Please note that not all ceremonies will be fairies and rainbows.  Most negative energies are taken care of with no one the wiser, but negative energies do exist and need to be taken out of our energy field.  Please note that there is no such thing as a bad trip only a facilitator with little knowledge. 

I have sat in ceremony with people who trained in Peru and with someone that never “trained” at all.  It really makes no difference.  What makes the difference is the direct knowledge that they have with Spirit and the Divine.  Those gifted with healing abilities will be guided by the God/Goddess of their understanding, search for those.

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