When making positive changes in their lives, many turn to shamanic healing to help them on their journey. This is a technique which helps you learn how to heal and take responsibility for your own well-being going forward. While there’s plenty of information about training such as attending a law of attraction course, we want to help people know what to expect at shamanic retreats.

What Is Shamanic Healing?

Shamanism is one of the oldest forms of spiritual practice, dating back thousands of years. When connections to the spiritual world are lost, it can lower one’s strength to negative experiences (including physical illness), feelings, and emotions, damaging the balance felt in mind, body, and spirit. Shamanic energy healing helps to restore the power we have over our lives, using energies in the world around us to heal physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Learning shamanic techniques enables you to connect with such energies through a meditative state, taking you on a shamanic journey. You can even use the skills of a shamanic teacher to heal while they connect to the spiritual world for you, calling upon their own powerful teacher spirits.

What to Expect at a Retreat

Spiritual retreats are the ideal setting to use the knowledge of those who practice shamanism to lay the foundation for shamanic studies. There are many different techniques you’ll encounter (including shamanic reiki) which is why retreats can provide such an invaluable experience. Each retreat on offer can provide you with something different, and you’ll meet practitioners from various traditions and backgrounds. Providing you with personalized guidance, healing can be maximized by taking responsibility for your continuing journey once you return home, applying the practices to everyday life.

Learning from shamanic teachers isn’t the only thing you should expect from a spiritual retreat. You’ll meet others who are spiritually-minded and participate in shared practices such as shamanic drumming. Having access to such a collective healing group allows attendees to get the most out of their time.

Choose the Right Retreat for You

At the Meehl Foundation’s three luxury retreats, you’ll have the opportunity to heal in casual luxury while experiencing healing techniques to restore balance and go forth with renewed strength.


The Joyful Transformation Retreat

  • Unearth your truly authentic self
  • Make powerful, permanent life changes
  • Go on a personalized journey
  • Step into your purpose with resilience and confidence

The Shamanic Sisterhood Retreat

  • Share emerging knowledge with spiritually-minded women
  • Rekindle ancestral roots
  • Breathe modern life into ancient traditions
  • Meet a collective of healers from a range of practices
  • Grow a supportive, empowering network with other women

The Medicine Wheel Retreat

  • Learn from a world-renowned shaman, Gwilda Wiyaka
  • Spend time in deep connection with the shamanic realm
  • Rediscover the healing journey in the medicine wheel
  • Construct your own sacred wheel to maintain at home

Booking a Place

Looking for shamanic healing near me? If you’re searching for a shamanic healing retreat, take a look at our course information, and book your place early to avoid disappointment.