People looking to change their lives have an abundance of choice before them. This includes training such as a law of attraction course and healing techniques such as shamanic reiki. It can be a challenge trying to find the best way to achieve the mindset to go forth and make positive, meaningful changes in your life.

We’re often asked ‘how can I find shamanic healing near me?’, but choosing the right setting and shaman is a personal choice. Here are some aspects to consider.

How to Find Shamanic Healing Near Me

Shamanic healing is an ancient practice which uses the energies around us to restore balance in every part of ourselves, this is the core of Shamanism.  It has helped countless people to make the life changes they need to lead a happier life, allowing them to heal in mind, body, and spirit.

When looking for a skilled shaman, it’s important to think about the following questions.

  • What is the most relaxing and beneficial setting for shamanic energy healing?
  • Where will you experience different types of healing techniques?
  • What are your goals? For example, there may be an important change you want to make or perhaps you want to connect to your spiritual side more.
  • Where can you find an mentor or Shaman
  • If you’re willing to travel to find the best healing practices, where can you find an experience which takes place over a few days?
  • What type of healing will provide you with the most benefits for both health and well-being?

Retreat Experiences

Spiritual retreats offer the perfect setting for starting your shamanic journey. They provide a relaxed environment set in casual luxury in which you can learn from others while taking responsibility for your own healing techniques going forward. Set across several days, the experiences you gain will help you to make meaningful, permanent changes and apply such techniques to modern-day life.

Soul Retrieval 

Negative feelings such as guilt, shame and emptiness have become far too common, leading to unfulfilled lives. Our Joyful Transformation retreat provides the solution, empowering you to embark on changes which will help you to live a life of joy and authenticity. Address the ‘whole person’ and learn how deeply personal spiritual practices can help you step back into your purpose with unwavering confidence.

Plant Medicine

Experienced shaman,  Debra Meehl will take you into the spiritual realm on this 3-day weekend retreat. Take the sacred journey around the medicine wheel, learning the ancient practice of shamanic journeying, and dive deep into plant medicine.  During the retreat, you’ll connect with your teacher spirits and unique totems, constructing your own medicine wheel to maintain at home.

Shamanic Sisterhood Retreat

Spend three days in a spirit-centered sisterhood, exploring authentic, feminine spirituality. You’ll experience personal healings, hands-on workshops, and meet shamanic teachers from a range of backgrounds and practices. Grow your knowledge while building a supportive network of spiritual women to empower you going forward.

Booking Your Place

To avoid disappointment when looking for shamanic healing near me, book your retreat place now.