When looking to lay the foundations of your shamanic studies, it’s easy to want to do this in the place where you spend much of your time. However, for those looking for shamanic healing NYC, our powerful plant medicine retreats offer the perfect escape to focus on the transformation and knowledge you want to gain.

Shamanic Healing NYC Options

Shamanic healing for those living in NYC can be hectic. While a seasoned practitioner of shamanism will be able to slip into shamanic dream work wherever they are, for others, taking time out from their busy lives to focus on themselves and the changes they want to make is essential.

Why choose a weekend shamanic retreats away from NYC?

  • Take time to relax in casual luxury while meeting spiritually-minded people.
  • Clear your mind from your daily routine to find the authentic you.
  • Meet others from different backgrounds, locations, and traditions, sharing your emerging knowledge.
  • Learn about the different shamanic healing rituals from shamanic initiation traditions to using sounds and drumming to achieve a deeper connection to the spiritual world.
  • Take the time to evolve your spiritual potential and your ability to heal yourself and others.
  • Use the energies around you to restore balance in mind, body, and soul.
  • Let go of negative experiences and emotions which are holding you back from finding your true purpose.
  • Meet shamanic teachers from a range of modalities, finding the techniques which you feel most aligned with.
  • Step back into your NYC life with renewed purpose and energy, making permanent life changes for leading a life of fulfillment.

If you’re passionate about feminine spirituality, you may even find some women-only retreats available.

Spiritual Retreats for Empowerment

At the Meehl Foundation, we’re proud to present a series of spiritual retreats set in casual luxury for those interested in their spirituality from all around the world including practitioners from other states across the country. It’s the ideal setting for learning about different shamanic practices including shamanic meditation techniques and for facilitating healing in a safe and relaxed environment.

Shamanic Medicine Wheel Retreat

Your shamanic experience will be guided by the cross-cultural shaman, Debra Meehl, in a weekend of intimate connection with the spiritual realm. Go on the sacred journey around the medicine wheel, using unique totems and your personal spirit guides to build your own wheel to maintain at home. Learn about the art of shamanism and how to apply ancient principles to your modern day life.

Joyful Transformation

Embark on a personal journey to reach your true purpose, breaking free of suffering while challenging irrational and unhealthy beliefs. Embrace each part of the whole self to awaken your innate divine worth. Meaningful, lasting changes will emerge from this powerful transformational weekend.

Shamanic Sisterhood

Take part in our growing sisterhood of female shamans, wild and wise women, exploring the emerging knowledge we carry while building a supportive network around you. Meet expert teachers from a range of backgrounds and take part in workshops, intuitive readings, and personal healings.

Booking Your Place

If you’ve been looking for shamanic healing NYC based services, but think our spiritual retreats would benefit you, take a look at our course information and book your place now.

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