Shamanism; perceived not as a religion, but as an art of attaining transcendent information from a higher, non-physical dimension can be traced to the beginning of human civilization itself. The concepts behind shamanic healing are reflected in almost every modern religion today; the belief in the spiritual realm and the divine.

Shamanic healing is mainly focused on recreating the natural balance of life energy flowing through the participant or a community of people, removing emotional and mental blocks, and ultimately help them become their best selves in physical and mental health. Retrieving lost pieces of the soul, lost spirits and guides, and receiving divine wisdom as needed, are the main roles of the Shaman.

More and more people are beginning to see the healing potential of the shamanic journey for physical and psychological conditions, where conventional medicine has failed. And shamanic healing centers are now available in Spokane, Washington.

The Shamanic Journey; Genesis

The beginning of a shamanic journey is the hallmark of the event. Shamanic healing takes two forms; shamanic sessions and plant medicine ceremonies. To reach the spiritual dimension, the shaman or client has to enter into a trance-like state.

The soul then leaves the body and ventures into the spirit realm. The ability to intentionally access the spiritual dimension is the most important skill of the shaman and is built with experience.

Achieving the necessary trance-like state for soul travel in a shamanic healing session by a shaman is achieved by playing special music that is in tune with the natural frequency of the earth. While in plant medicine ceremonies, psychedelics like magic mushrooms and ayahuasca are used.

Spirit Guides

In shamanism, it is believed that everyone has a spirit animal or guide attached to him or her. They serve as protective figures, sources of inspiration, and to help ward off bad spirits or ill luck.

The Trinity

The lower world, the middle world, and the upper world are believed to be the three main levels of accessible dimensions in the spirit realm. 

The lower world houses spirit guides and ancestral spirits, and through it flows the spirit of the earth. The middle world is the spiritual dimension of our physical world and is generally considered to be the entry point of a shamanic journey; spirits of nature are found here. The upper world represents the dimension of transcendence; paradise. It is home to beings pure in heart and is one of divine impartation. The shaman accesses this dimension to gain insight and wisdom on matters.

The Experience

After setting intentions, creating a safe space for expression, and openly conversing with the shaman, the real journey begins. The shaman may study the client’s physical body through examination to determine points of possible blockages and inefficient energy pathways.

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Shamanic Sessions

In a shamanic healing session, the shaman enters the spirit realm and navigates the different worlds with their spirit guide in search of remedies for the client’s condition. The shaman can also direct energy from the spirit realm into the client’s system for healing.

After the journey, the shaman returns and holds another conversation with the client on what they experienced and the insight they gained on the client’s condition.

Plant Medicine Ceremonies

Plant medicine ceremonies involve a journey made by the client themselves, together with the shaman. As most people lack the ability to voluntarily leave their bodies into the spiritual realm, these medicines are used to foster the soul journey.

Psychedelics like magic mushrooms and ayahuasca are some of the most popular medicines used. Intentions are set, then the medicine is ingested. Physical and spiritual cleansing is achieved.

The shaman joins the client in the transcended realm to serve as a guide and provide support during and after the experience and to help restore lost pieces of the soul and spirit guides.

After the ceremony, conversation with the shaman is important as they can help interpret experiences and provide insight into the events that occurred.

The Integration Phase

Whether for shamanic healing sessions or plant ceremonies, the integration phase follows the same construct; the shaman keeps in touch with the client for the proceeding weeks and months to access the impact of the experience on their lives and give further guidance.

The benefits of shamanic healing are long-lasting and provide permanent healing from physical and psychological disorders, where normal human medicine has failed.

What it holds for all

Shamanic healing tackles the root causes of illnesses; both physical and psychological, as against the repressive actions of synthesized drugs. Victims of negative events like trauma and its effects; anxiety, depression, PTSD, and general loss of self, are brought to terms with their repressed emotions, and reborn into newfound meaning in life.

If you will like to let go of unhealthy habits, recover from trauma, release repressed emotions, unlock your potential, and connect with your greater self, then shamanic healing is the thing for you.

Contact Debra Meehl today and book a session that will surely change your life!

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