If the Lower World is the past and confronting trauma, then the Lower World is about looking to the future and embracing destiny. The Lower World shows you what could be, what has been set in motion once you have chosen to undergo a soul retrieval process. When choosing to do a soul retrieval process, there are many underlying motivations. You might want to heal spiritually or pursue opportunities that are right for you, or improve aspects of your health and lifestyle that you find lacking. Everyone’s reasons are personal, but the drivers towards it tend to take on a similar theme. And the process of soul retrieval is ultimately a quest to bring meaning and purpose into your life.


The Upper World


is a part of that, and is what makes you come to terms with what you need to accomplish in the future.


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Before delving into the Upper World, it is important to establish the difference between destiny and the future. While most conflate the two as being the same, it is not the case. The future, fortune-telling, divination – these are all ways of understanding the concrete events that are going to take place. The future is filled with actions and moments, things that will happen. Destiny, on the other hand, is fluid. It is molded by each instance, each decision and it changes based on who you are and what you do. As anthropologist Alberto Villodo states in his book, Soul Journeying, “Destiny is saying yes to the calling we’re born with, while fate is what happens when we fight or ignore our calling.”


Everyone has a future


That is just a hallmark of time. We move through life, events take place, this happens with or without interference. Destiny is a different matter. Achieving your full potential, fulfilling what is meant for you and really pursuing each opportunity – these are all cultivated differently. Destiny, as a concept, takes on more meaning when you have the sacred tools that will help you reach your purpose. 


However, that destiny, that purpose, sometimes it can be weakened or blurred over time. Traumas will take place, negative energy will be released, and as you go through these emotions, the sense of purpose may wan. You may find yourself in cycles, repeating vicious patterns, never quite breaking free. It becomes the same story, with different characters. And for some, breaking out of these patterns is all they want but others may cling to it because they cannot remember a time when things were different. 


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Soul retrieval


though is key to breaking these patterns once you have the courage to do so. Summoning up that kind of bravery can be difficult, especially if you know there is a long journey ahead but that fear will subside. Going through the process with someone who is trained and has the experience can make a world of difference. Ultimately, the process of soul retrieval is a way to heal the past. But that is just one aspect of it. Most assume that once the past is healed, that is it. And while that is true to an extent, what if you probed this idea more? This is where the role of destiny comes in. The past may have healed, but what comes next? What is the true purpose that you have been trying to find this whole time? Soul retrieval is a way of letting go of past hurts, of moving past the damage that has been done, but that is not all it has to offer.


Before examining this further, it is important to take a step back to understand the Upper World better. When you hold on to these negative emotions, the hurt, the trauma, it is not just you that is affected. You will likely take this out on others, that energy is passed on even when you do not realize it. You may find yourself pushing people away, or that others keep their distance eventually for fear of being caught up in the negativity. To fix this though, you need to take a deep look into yourself to understand what it is that needs to be fixing, what issues need to be addressed and use that as the guiding point of a soul retrieval process. In order to journey to the Upper World, the past needs to be healed. 


The Upper World is the home of the spirit. It is a celestial realm that has angels, enlightened beings, and other divine figures. This is the origination of the divine nature in you. But the Upper World is also where you learn what contracts you signed before your origin, and how these are tying you down now. It is the Hero’s Journey. The Upper World can tell you about what came before you, what you are meant for and why you live. The sacred agreements you have chosen to live by are here as well as the knowledge of your possible destinies and what could be.


The Upper World is also referred to as the superconscious. It is a way to access destinies – not only of yourself but also your families and past generations to understand the path you are on and what it could be. There is only joy here. It also gives you the opportunity to question celestial parents, to ask them for their advice and help as you navigate through these agreements that were made before you originated and how you can reach fulfillment.


However, ancient myths across cultures state that the Upper World is inaccessible until you are in a healed state. Free of the trauma and negativity, the Upper World has no room for ego. Only for the grace and innocence that comes with knowing that you have relinquished past negativities. This means cleansing yourself of self-doubt, and believing that you are worth this experience. Soul retrieval is about keeping an open mind, of ridding these preconceived notions you have of yourself to find something better. The Upper World represents that, it is the reward at the end of the journey. 


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Soul Loss


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Shamanic Healing