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shamanic Healing

As a result of work stress, mental stress, daily stress in general, pain, and other forms of lives anxiety, which has and is still affecting many people today. Presently, many persons go through different forms of trauma which have caused them to lose a large chunk of their soul. And to heal or recover from this, shamanic healing is needed.

What is shamanic soul retrieval?

Shamanic soul retrieval is a cross-cultural healing practice, which is being practiced from one culture to another. It is a healing process used to retrieve or recover one’s soul loss in other than the person may have a stable life once again, which will be free from negativity and mishaps. Despite the fact that the shamanic healing soul retrieval is practiced from one culture to another, there is no much difference. It is still very similar. 

Why does the soul need retrieval?

plant medicine, plant medicine ceremony, shamanic healing, shamanic weekend retreats, psychedelic mushrooms, psilocybin mushrooms, magic mushroom, Shrooms,
plant medicine

According to Shamanism, the soul is full of energy of which the body is a part of. The soul is believed to be that part of the body that one cannot discern with the mere 5 senses. As a result of problems and other traumatic stress, one faces, there might be breakage, disruptions, or even shredding of the energy field, which is the soul. And when this happens, depending on the level of traumatic stress, part of it could split off and get lost in the other world and thus would cause us to feel incomplete, pervasive or better put, a general sense of absence in one’s life. This trauma can come in the form of violence, illness, shocks, accidents, long periods of enduring hardship, and so on. So, shamanic soul retrieval is successfully bringing back the missing pieces or damaged pieces of one’s soul which was lost as a result of traumatic stress or any other form of stress or hardship in other to correct the wrong in a person life and promote happy and peaceful living.

What is shamanic trance

Shamanic trance, also called shamanic journey, is different from the regular contemporary trance. The shamanic trance, is a practiced state of consciousness acheivable through many means. It is a form of consciousness which is carried out in order to reach another shamanic reality. This is done in other to find answers and solutions to one’s problems from spirit teachers. Animals play a large role in the shamanic trance. They can help a person find his or her way back to wellness and good health and even regain natural empowerment. During the shamanic trance, a monotonous drum rhythm is sometimes played, or sacred plant medicines administered to facilitate the shift in consciousness necessary to reach other realms of existence. The purpose of that rhythm or medicine is to induce and even facilitate the human brains imaging ability, and this would better enable an ecstatic or dreamlike state of consciousness. The rhythm stimulates the production of waves in the brain, which stimulates vivid imagery and a heightened level of creativity. This is done in what is called the theta range or low alpha. While the process might appear effortless to an onlooker, it takes more than just a little effort to carry out a successful shamanic trance. Many persons have learned to fly or get into the shamanic trance but very few can actually retain control of their flight, and this is very important as Long as shamanic trance is concerned. The ability to go into and come out of any trance at a point regardless of anywhere one might be, is what makes up the shaman. Without absolute control of one’s flight when desired, the shamanic trance is incomplete.

How shamans use the energy of the universe to heal.

Healing with the energy of the universe involves many techniques and ceremonines that need to be mastered. It is important, however, to clear the space where the healing is to be done using Safe copay or Palo Santo. This is usually done to invite the spirits in to protect your area before you begin your ritual.

Tapping into the energy around the universe is the major way used in the healing process, a lot of spiritual connection needs to be made With the energy from around and within, be it from plants, animals, water or even the sun and air Around us. Energy centers and wheels then receive and process all of this energy from the world around us which the shaman, in turn, uses to Heal both himself and others. To access the universe through his body, a shaman needs to have His body around the chakra and make sure his energy is focused to perform healing through these techniques :

  • Breathing:

Breathing helps focus the chakra and helps it spin, thereby establishing a connection with the universe.  Focused breathing helps the chakra spin; It is likened to a fire. Deep breathing, on the other hand, is used to align and reset the flow of the Energy, which is stagnant around the shaman. Generally accessing your own Healing is always the objective, and this technique helps you do just that as a shaman. Focus and deep breathing with the intention of drawing energy from each chakra is healing to the soul and as recommended should be done on a weekly basis. Just like any system, our body needs maintenance, and there is always something new to experience when the body and the pathway to the universe are clear, and energy is flowing through all the channels. This process of breathing achieves healing for deep wounds and helps the shaman clear out all these feelings that are hazardous.

  • Toning:

This technique involves sound, being able to work sound through your body using vibrations and Sound frequencies. To channel energy through the centers. With the knowledge that every cell in your body produces a particular sound frequency. Each chakra in your body will respond to a particular sound frequency Tapping into the energy centers and bringing balance to the soul. A list of instruments has been known to reset the body and bring it back into focus. Gongs, drums crystals, and guided meditation are known to retune the body, and It’s energy centers.

  • Power animals:

Calling on spirit allies From the animal kingdom is also a technique used by Shamans. They invite the animal in and form a connection Which clears the chakra, the animal performs a ritual ignoring off or removing any negative energy around Converts them into high vibrations And removes all that is holding the body back. 

  • Crystals :

Crystals are often used by the chakra to extract unwanted energy from the system. The process involved in crystals may be a bit awesome to watch because it involves using two crystals to clear out the body from unwanted energy placing one in front of you and one behind you. The sole purpose of the one behind being to collect all the bad energy from you and dispel It. Meanwhile, a lot of In and out of you and the shaman recognizes the good energy, and when he has achieved it with a particular chakra, he moves on to another. 

What to do if you are experiencing traumatic stress

So if you are going through traumatic stress as explained above, and you haven’t found a solution to recover from such stress, I encourage you to give shamanic healing soul retrieval a trial. Though its an ancient path you will find it to be very effective.

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Soul Retrieval


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Shamanic Healing