You may have heard about shamanic initiation and what it entails, and this can often sound a little overwhelming depending on the source. We’re here to debunk some of the myths and to break down the truth about shamanic healing practices and their role in the contemporary shamanic experience.

What Is Shamanic Initiation?

Among the varying shamanic healing rituals which have been documented and discussed throughout the history of this ancient practice, is the indication that tribal shamans were given the role of healers in their communities by overcoming personal suffering and often embarking on extreme steps to do so. This is something which can sound a little scary to outside eyes, but in fact, we’re all suffering in many ways. Take a look at all aspects of your life. This involves addressing the whole self, including your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. From negative thoughts and emotions which we use to punish ourselves in a never-ending cycle to a feeling of imbalance in our physical health, suffering can take on various forms.

Initiation techniques and practices can produce powerful results, helping us to open our minds to spiritual energies, knowledge, and guidance. From being in a shamanic dream-state to developing the ability to perform ceremonies yourself, the journey to true shamanism is one which can take many paths. Here at the Meehl Foundation, we only provide enjoyable, relaxed experiences in the safety of our 3-day weekend shamanic retreats set in casual luxury. We believe in people advancing on their journey to overcome personal suffering by taking responsibility for their own healing going forward.

Looking for Shamanic Healing NYC? Try Our Texas Based Retreats for an Enriching Experience

We believe in bringing together people who want to create positive changes in their lives. We host a series of three retreats which help you to use the power of ancient spiritual tradition while showing you how to use it with modern day techniques. This is a safe and healthy way to provide experiences for those interested in shamanism, looking at various practices from shamanic meditation techniques to using a medicine wheel to embark on a sacred journey.

What do our retreats involve?


Joyful Transformation

  • Fuel your transformation by examining setbacks in each aspect of your being.
  • Combine scientifically-backed techniques with spiritual practices.
  • Overcome unhealthy feelings which are leaving you feeling unfulfilled.
  • Discover the authentic you by aligning your core values and beliefs.
  • Learn how to tolerate any situation, stepping back into your life with unwavering resilience.

Shamanic Sisterhood-led by Women Shamans

  • Feel empowered and supported by a growing network of women.
  • Explore feminine spirituality and shamanic wisdom with other spiritually-conscious women.
  • Meet teachers from a range of traditions, learning about their practices.
  • Have a range of experiences from group workshops to personal healings.
  • Dive deeply into the concept of living ritual, myth, and metaphor while tackling global spiritual concerns.

Medicine Wheel

  • Learn about shamanic journeying and Earth Activation with the guidance of a cross-cultural shaman.
  • Explore modern scientific principles, ancient techniques, and galactic shamanism.
  • Rediscover the healing of the medicine wheel and the four directions.


Book a Retreat

If you’d like to learn more about shamanic initiation in a safe, modern, and relaxed setting, take a look at our retreat information pages and book your place now.

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