In a busy world, it’s easy to lose our sense of balance, especially when suffering from any negativity in our health and well-being. Shamanic journey drumming is a powerful healing technique used to make deeper connections between your inner consciousness and the spiritual world.

What Is Shamanic Journey Drumming?

Shamanic drumming is an ancient art which is used all over the world as a healing technique which uses energies created via the sound of the drum. As the tempo of the drum slowly increases in intensity, it allows a trance-like state in which to connect to the spiritual realms.

The shamanic journey takes participants to a place of consciousness where they can use energies around them to heal. But what is shamanic healing? The practice of shamanism can help bring the ‘whole self’ back into balance. This includes physical health and emotional well-being, giving the participant the strength to make meaningful changes while feeling in alignment through their connection with the energies around them.

How to Find a Shamanic Healing  Retreat

What better way to start your shamanic journey than with others who will help and support you while discovering their own path to the spiritual realms.

Here’s what you can benefit from if attending a shamanic healing retreat.

  • Lay the foundation for shamanic studies
  • Learn from experienced shamanic teachers
  • Discover how shamanic music can help you connect to spiritual energies
  • Use healing techniques to feel joy, balance and greater well-being
  • Harness the power of the universe
  • Meet others who share your passion for authentic spirituality
  • Share knowledge while discovering how shamanic practices can help you to make meaningful changes in your life

Here at the Meehl Foundation, we have a range of luxury retreats for you to choose from. Our two which focus on shamanic studies are the Kambo Treatment Retreat and the  Plant Medicine Retreat

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Shamanic Sisterhood

Use the power of feminine spirituality to form a network with other women who share your passion.  During this 3-day luxury retreat, you’ll attend shamanic workshops, share your developing knowledge with others, and even have personal healing time. Evenings are spent by the fireside, with drumming circles used to embrace healing energies together.

Elemental Healing Retreat

Our Plant Medicine Retreat gives you access to an expert shamanic practitioner, who will guide you on your journey to discover the art of Earth Activation, totem animals, healing techniques and lower world journaling to heal your body, mind, and spirit. Together, you’ll journey to the spiritual realm to reclaim wisdom for healing which is embedded in the medicine wheel.  Construct your own sacred medicine wheel, incorporating unique totems. You’ll also learn about galactic shamanism, using the power of the universe to live in greater synergistic harmony. Using scientific principles, combined with ancient techniques, you’ll learn to connect with the Earth’s energies.

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If you want to restore balance in your life and use an ancient art such as shamanic journey drumming to harness healing energies, join our shamanic healing retreats.

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