A far cry from its ancient roots, shamanism has now evolved to meet the needs of the modern world. Some think it’s only a select group who can participate in shamanic practice, but people from all walks of life and backgrounds have experienced its benefits, going on a shamanic journey to start making real, positive changes to their lives.


What is a Shamanic Journey?

One of the best parts about shamanic techniques is not only learning from others (such as an experienced shaman) but taking responsibility for your ongoing journey, connecting with your own spirit allies to enhance your healing and personal power. This helps you to use shamanic healing energies to correct imbalances in your whole being, restoring trust, insight, and well-being in your mind, body, and soul.

Shamanic journeying is the art of entering an altered state of consciousness, connecting with the spiritual world. Those embarking on the practice will enter a new state of awareness, opening their mind and perception of the spiritual realm and personal spirit teachers. Benefits include learning the art of shamanic energy healing, challenging negative feelings, and applying knowledge to everyday life and relationships with confidence.

 Shamanic Journeying Retreats

When trying to make permanent life improvements, there is plenty of choice for which methods to use, including a law of attraction course. However, if you’re interested in shamanism and what it can do for you, our series of three spiritual retreats set in casual luxury are the ideal place to lay the foundation of shamanic studies. From shamanic reiki to group drumming sessions, explore how spiritual practice can help you on your journey to fulfillment. Take action based on your experiences and have a deeper understanding of the changes you need to make.

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Shamanic Women

For an empowering journey, explore the shamanic landscape with other women who have a passion for authentic spirituality. Learn from a range of expert teachers from differing practices while relaxing in casual luxury. You’ll dive deeply into living ritual, myth, and metaphor while sharing emerging knowledge.

Examples of activities:

  • Intuitive readings
  • Personal healings
  • Hands-on workshops
  • Healing sessions
  • Blessing & ceremonial circles
  • Fireside drumming circles

Medicine Wheel Retreat

Spend the weekend with , Debra Meehl, Shaman who’ll take you on the sacred journey around the medicine wheel. You’ll spend 4 days intimately connecting to the shamanic realm while rediscovering the healing journey which is embedded in the medicine wheel. Identify and connect with your spirit teachers and unique totems, creating your own medicine wheel to continue your healing journey at home.

Joyful Transformation

Go on a joyful life transformation by addressing the whole person, examining emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual setbacks. Use scientifically backed techniques with personal spiritual practice to gain a clear resolution for each facet of the mind, body, and spirit. Master techniques to focus thoughts while expanding your horizons to align with your deepest desires.

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