Shamanism is practiced all over the world with many using techniques to create a deeper connection between their consciousness and the spiritual realm, harnessing energies, knowledge, and wisdom to create healing effects.

Shamanic music is an important part of the shamanic journey which is carried out with a purpose.

What Is Shamanic Music?

Music forms a powerful resource in shamanic practices, helping to open up the bridge between our conscious and spiritual energies. This creates a stronger influence using such connections to heal physically, emotionally, and mentally. By focusing on the whole self, it helps achieve greater balance in our lives, giving us the strength to make changes where we need to.

Shamanic drumming sounds can be performed and nurtured in a variety of ways, but shamanic journey drumming is a popular choice. Several participants can take part in the ritual to help harness spiritual powers around them, usually in the form of a drumming circle. The rhythm and intensity of the drumming help create an altered state of consciousness.

A great place to lay the foundation for shamanic studies is at a new age retreat.

Benefits of Attending a Retreat

Through a series of luxury retreats, you can learn exactly how music can help you to heal while meeting others who share your awakened mindset.

  • Understand how shamanic drumming and music can be used for journeying
  • Gain knowledge and wisdom together with like-minded people
  • Learn from experienced teachers
  • Get answers to the question ‘What is shamanic healing?’
  • Find the strength to make positive, fulfilling changes in your life
  • Learn how to apply ancient techniques to modern day practices

Here at the Meehl Foundation, we have three luxury retreats:

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plant medicine

Plant Medicine Retreats

Spend 4 days on the sacred journey around the medicine wheel, experiencing the science of Earth Activation. Identify and connect with your personal totems and teacher spirits before creating your own medicine wheel. Exploring ancient techniques combined with scientific principles, cross-cultural shaman Debra Meehl will expertly guide you on your journey. Spending time with a shamanic practitioner and teacher will enhance your experience and help you maximize your time at the retreat.

Shamanic Sisterhood

Spend 3 days in an intimate gathering with like-hearted women, exploring feminine shamanism while taking a journey to greater shamanic wisdom. Personal and intuitive readings are available from healers of various practices and modalities. You’ll take part in a series of shamanic workshops, helping you to uncover the benefits of ritual, metaphor, and myth. Fireside drumming each evening will allow you to heal fully.

Joyful Transformation

We also offer a Joyful Transformation retreat to help people truly master their lives. Empowering changes can lead to blissful fulfillment, and we’ll show you how to achieve this. This 3-day luxury retreat will help you to make permanent, powerful life changes and give you the confidence to address the ‘whole self’ while banishing negative thoughts and feelings.

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