A path represents a journey which leads to somewhere else or can even take you back to where you started, having learned a lesson on the way.

When embarking on a shamanism path, the journey can bring about knowledge and meaning which can change the lives of those who practice as well as others around them.

Let’s take a deeper look at what is a shamanic journey and where the path can lead us.

What Is the Shamanic Path & What Can You Discover on the Journey?

The path of shamanism can represent various parts of this beneficial, ancient tradition. It can mean the path you have with yourself and your relationship with every part of your being from your thoughts and feelings to your physical well-being. On this path, we find answers by trusting in our spiritual connections and feeling the emerging, rediscovered knowledge returning to the front of our souls.

By learning the different shamanic practices, whether through attending transformational retreats, a meditation weekend retreat, or any other course which supports shamanic practice, you can learn how to experience a deeper spiritual awakening, growing an awareness of the energies around you and where you may be experiencing imbalances in the mind, body, and spirit. Such imbalances may be causing us to suffer physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, but you can learn the art of shamanic energy healing and how to stay healed.

What you learn on the path of the shamanic journey can lead you to make meaningful changes to your life which will help you live authentically, find true happiness, and start living the life you want. Much like a law of attraction retreat or meditation retreat, it’s about how your mindset is a powerful place to start when bringing joy into your life.

Weekend Spiritual Retreats

The Meehl Foundation’s series of spiritual courses provide the ideal setting to start your shamanic journey, offering a great alternative to a standard meditation course. This includes the following weekend retreats.

Joyful Transformation

Breaking free from a cycle of suffering can be difficult with many accepting it as a part of their normal life with no other option when circumstances can’t be easily changed. Millions of people feel exactly the same, but the good news is…it’s a lie. Our joyful transformation retreat holds the solution, teaching you how to live a life of blissful fulfillment and make empowering changes for good.

Plant Medicine

Spend three days in a spirit-centered shamanic sisterhood, discovering the ancient science and art of Plant Medicine Healing. You’ll meet a variety of teachers and attend hands-on workshops, appreciating each other’s gifts and how we can form a tribe of women to support, empower, and heal.

Soul Retrieval

On a weekend of sacred discovery and spiritual awakening, rediscover the powerful healing journey embedded in the soul retrieval all under the guidance of cross-cultural Shaman Debra Meehl . Together, we’ll look at the science behind Earth Activation, explore our own animal totems, learn power band of protection, and even make personal medicine wheels which can be taken home after the retreat.

Start your shamanic path under the guidance of our supportive practitioners. Take a look at our course information now.

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