Many choose to take up the practice of shamanism and implement techniques and rituals into their everyday lives which restore balance and provide healing effects to the ‘whole person.’ This means looking after your emotional, physical and mental health and well-being.

Finding a shamanic practitioner to help you on your journey is the ideal way to lay the foundation for shamanic studies. The practices are used around the world across multiple cultures.

Benefits of Using a Shamanic Practitioner

Learning from a shamanic teacher isn’t just about them providing you with wisdom and guidance. They’ll also show you how to take responsibility for your own healing practices and how you can continue your journey. By applying ancient rituals to your modern life, you’ll have the confidence to perform the individual practice.

  • Consult with a practitioner about modern-day issues from illness and emotional struggles to everyday challenges you’re facing.
  • Learn to connect with spiritual energies around you.
  • Maximize the healing effects of shamanic rituals.
  • Benefit from their own powerful teacher spirits they’ll call upon.
  • Participate in shared practices such as shamanic drumming.
  • Achieve an altered state of consciousness.

They’ll also show you some of the most powerful techniques you can use to connect with the spiritual realm such as using shamanic music.

Find a Shamanic Retreat

If you’re looking for a new age retreat, here at the Meehl Foundation, we provide three luxury retreats for those looking to change their lives, restore balance and engage in spiritual healing.

Elemental Healing Retreat

On our 3-day Plant Medicine Retreat, you’ll have access to a  teacher and cross-cultural shaman. Debra Meehl  takes you through a weekend of deep spiritual discovery in an intimate connection with the shamanic realm. Through the sacred journey around the medicine wheel, you’ll discover answers to the question, ‘what is shamanic healing?’ This includes connecting with unique totems, experiencing Earth Activation, soul retrieval, and learning how to create and hold sacred space.

Soul Retrieval Retreat

During the 3-day Shamanic Soul Retrieval retreat, you’ll meet like-hearted women who share your passion for authentic spirituality. Through shamanic workshops, personal healings, and shamanic journey drumming at fireside, you’ll learn to call back your missing soul pieces, cut dark energy cords, and become comfortable with your totem animals.

Joyful Transformation

Suffering is often something we endure because we feel it’s our only option, with emotions ranging from guilt and disappointment to feeling unfulfilled. Joyful Transformation founder, Debra Meehl, uses the same teachings in her book to help those on our 3-day luxury retreat to truly master their lives. Learn how to embark on a journey of empowering changes, addressing the ‘whole person,’ and apply deeply personal spiritual practices to your life. Step out of the retreat with the confidence and resilience to make lasting changes for a life of joy and fulfillment.

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