When making positive changes in our lives, trying to create a shift in our behaviors, beliefs, relationships and even the environment we’re currently living in can be a challenge, especially if contending with a range of negative emotions. Shamanic reiki can set you on the path to freedom, by providing open access to the energies around you.

What Is Shamanic Reiki?

While different practices, shamanism and reiki can complement each other to support those looking for balance in their lives and positive change. This form of reiki healing comes from the ancient art of shamanic energy healing. The technique allows one to make connections with spiritual energies to induce positive changes to the whole self, in mind, body, and spirit. Reiki allows the healer to channel such energies to benefit others, using their own connection and intuition to help others restore balance to their lives.

Benefits of Shamanic Healing

  • Enhance your health & well-being.
  • Experience emotional, mental, physical & spiritual healing.
  • Reduce stress while enhancing relaxation.
  • Make changes for a happy & healthy life.
  • Address the whole self to find the authentic version of you.
  • Begin a joyful transformation.
  • Enhance resilience against negative thoughts and feelings.

Where to Find a Retreat

You may have already heard about specific types of healing courses which can help you change your life for good. This includes a law of attraction course and other techniques. If you’re asking yourself ‘where can I find shamanic healing near me?’, take a look at our three luxury retreats.

Our series of three spiritual retreats will help you on your path to living a life of happiness.

  • Medicine Wheel Retreat – Start your shamanic journey on our 4-day medicine wheel retreat, guided by a cross-cultural shaman. Gwilda Wiyaka will take you on a journey of sacred discovery and deep spiritual awakening. You’ll gain an intimate connection with the shamanic realm and rediscover the ancient healing journey which is embedded in the medicine wheel. Identify and connect with your own totems and spirits, creating a medicine wheel to maintain at home.
  • Shamanic Sisterhood Retreat – Spend three days in our spirit-centered fellowship and sisterhood in which you’ll meet a variety of expert teachers from various spiritual backgrounds. With like-hearted women, you’ll explore what it means to have authentic spirituality, growing a network to support and empower our sacred earth walk. Experience shamanic workshops, personal healings, and relaxation in casual luxury with women who share your passion.
  • Joyful Transformation Retreat – Negative thoughts and feelings can cause a cycle of misery and suffering. Our Joyful transformation retreat helps others to truly master their lives and embark on empowering changes for leading a truly fulfilled life. We’ll help you to reclaim your authenticity, learning how to induce meaningful changes through modern-day healing techniques. Learn how to live in your truest, authentic self.

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