For those looking to restore balance in their lives, shamanic workshops provide a great opportunity to not only meet with a shamanic practitioner but to lay the foundation for shamanic healing.

What Are Shamanic Workshops?

Shamanic practices and traditions have been used all over the world for thousands of years. By making deeper connections with the spiritual realm, you can apply energy-based healing techniques to restore balance to the ‘whole being.’

Workshops are used to learn shamanic techniques to heal and connect more deeply to the spiritual realm.

  • Find out the answers to ‘what is shamanic healing?’
  • Gain knowledge and power through your experiences
  • Meet with experienced shamanic teachers
  • Connect with like-minded people who share a passion for authentic spirituality
  • Get the right support and empowerment to practice spiritual techniques
  • Take a look at the real you while addressing imbalances in your life
  • Understand how to enhance your health and well-being

A Plant Medicine  retreat is a great place to start if looking for a shamanic workshop as it will provide the right setting to focus on the shamanic techniques as well as providing time to learn how to practice individually.

How to Find a Workshop

Here at the Meehl Foundation, we offer three retreats set in casual luxury which all take place over the course of several days. Our experienced teachers and practitioners are dedicated to sharing their knowledge with you and helping others make meaningful changes in their lives.

Shamanic Sisterhood

Over the course of 3 days, our Shamanic Sisterhood Retreat offers women a chance to connect, empowering each other and themselves with their emerging knowledge and experiences. You’ll have the chance to attend hands-on workshops, meeting women shamans from varying traditions and backgrounds for intuitive readings and personal healings. Spend evenings by fireside experiencing the ancient art of shamanic music and shamanic drumming. Shamanic journey drumming is a way to gain a deeper spiritual connection between your consciousness and the energies around you.  This is the place to heal your trauma

Joyful Transformation

A cycle of negative feelings and suffering leads one to live an unfulfilled life. Anything from guilt, emptiness, fear, obligation, and past relationships can affect our well-being and leave us going in a direction we don’t like. Our Joyful Transformation 3-day retreat offers you the chance to make meaningful change by empowering you to make a deeper connection with your spirit and intuition. Learn techniques for healing while address the ‘whole person,’ finding a clear resolution for your mind, body, and spirit.

Plant Medicine

At the Medicine Wheel Retreat, you’ll be guided over 3-days to learn the art of shamanic journeying for soul retrieval . Experience the sacred science of Earth Activation while rediscovering the healing journey of the medicine wheel. Create and hold sacred spaces and connect with unique, personal totems, and charged directional stones to construct your own medicine wheel. Having such an intimate workshop will help you take the knowledge and wisdom you’ve learned and maintain your medicine wheel at home.

Book Your Retreat

To attend our shamanic retreats, take a look at our retreat information, and book yourself a place now.

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