More and more, the unrest on the planet and the malaise of modern society are stirring people to seek a more meaningful way of life. These awakenings, as many have called them, are driving people to explore deeper themes of identity and wholeness… to find themselves… through growing spirituality and personal healing. In their search for meaningful spirituality and healing, more and more people are turning to the ancient and ancestral practices of w to achieve this powerful transformation.

While Shamanism and shamanic healing have become increasingly mainstream over the past decade or so – due largely to this global search for something more – Shamanism is actually one of the world’s oldest and most widespread spiritual practices. One of the most fascinating truths of Shamanism is that even as far back as the Paleolithic and Neolithic times, shamanic teachers have been helping human beings across all seven continents of the world. Despite early civilization’s inability to interact with one another, Shamanism has been intricately woven into many of the most ancient religions and cultures as far back as the prehistoric era.

Some of the most well-known civilizations have woven shamanic practices into their customs for centuries, including the ancient Indian, Egyptian, Native American, Amazonian and Siberian cultures. These are just a few of the most recognizable cultures that have practiced Shamanism. And just as there are many more peoples who historically or currently utilize Shamanic practices, there are also many ways to perform, practice, and apply these wide-reaching spiritual teachings.

Some may consider Shamanism to be an entire religion of its own. However, it is truly a large set of spiritual practices used within or alongside established religions or to augment other belief systems. Shamanism can be loosely defined as a wide range of traditional, spiritual practices that create the ability to sense or see, comprehend, and heal suffering. It is not based on any particular faith or religion, but on the mystic idea that everything is alive in it’s own way, and that everything carries a string of complex information which can be accessed through shamanic practice to achieve deeper or higher levels of consciousness, attain ancient wisdom, change the current course of events, and even heal on a spiritual and emotional level.

This idea or belief in an ensouled world, wherein everything is alive, is called “animism”. In modern western systems of belief, we call this essence or energy our soul, spirit, spark, or consciousness. The main difference being that animistic and, by proxy, shamanic systems believe that everything has spirit or soul and is divinely conscious. Shamans commune and communicate with all of the spirits around them to gain insight, wisdom, and discernment, helping them understand the root of a person’s suffering and how best to heal or alleviate that suffering at a spiritual, SOUL level.

At the Meehl Foundation, we offer several ways to experience this kind of Shamanic Healing: Personal Coaching, Plant Medicine retreats, Shamanic Sisterhood, and the Medicine Wheel Retreat. Our retreats put shamanic education at everyone’s fingertips, embracing exactly who you are emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually. Everyone can heal themselves and easily apply our techniques to make real, effective changes to improve their lives and how they feel.

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