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Manufacturer: The Meehl Foundation
  • Description

Hapè is a sacred plant medicine snuff used extensively by shamans in the amazon to:

  • cleanse the spiritual body
  • align and balance chakras
  • decalcify the pineal gland
  • open the third eye
  • increase spiritual vision/insight
  • heal physical ailments

We are proud to currently offer the following six varieties: 

Jarina - a supreme spiritual protectant. The tribe that creates this Hapè believes it makes you invisible to negative energies/entities/intentions. This is a wonderful blend to use in ceremonies or healings, and for those who are highly sensitive or energetically susceptible. 

Kawarani - a heart-opening hapè that provides a grounding, peaceful expansion and heart-centered protection. 

Nawa Mint - a fresh and tingly hapè with a gentle, cleansing action. Good for the sinuses and for Hapè newbies.  Polèo mint offers natural menthol to open the physical and energetic channels of the body, while Tsunu ash gently clears away congestion, stagnation, and blocked energy. Together, these sacred herbs work synergistically to heal the physical pathways of vital breath while simultaneously cutting and clearing the negative energies that can congest out spirits and choke out our enjoyment of life.   

Apurina Verde - a green hapè from deep in the jungle. This powerful medicine is created using only flowers and leaves collected by the women and children of the Apurina tribe. This is a very gentle and sweet-smelling hapè that invokes the energy and spirit of the forest. It even smells like the jungle! 

Passiflora - a calming hapè that calls upon the spirit of passionflower to combat anxiety and promote a peaceful feeling of tranquillity. 

Kristin's Blend - combining the spiritual protection of Jarina and the heart-expanding action of Kawarani with just a dash of clearing mint, this powerful Hapè creates scared space within the body for the unrestricted flow of Spirit. Perfect for healers in all capacities, or anyone undertaking deep spiritual work.