Do you ever feel hollow or unwhole? Do you have scars from long-past traumas that still haunt you and control your life? Do you ever feel as if you lost yourself somewhere along the way? Do you feel betrayed or wounded on a spiritual level? Have you wondered how the shamans and priestesses of old overcame these feeling to heal themselves and others? Soul Retrieval is the answer to healing all these feelings... and more. And our simple approach to this ages old technique is available to you now through this exclusive 3-day healing retreat! 

Every 2 weeks in 2024

Psilocybin Retreats-Meehl Foundation 

We go through emotional stress every day of our life. We often brush it off as something normal which it sure is, until we can take no more. Our unseen wounds begin to hurt and we often bleed on people that had no role in inflicting those emotional wounds on us. This way, we pass our emotional stress on to someone else and they to somebody around them and the cycle goes on.

But it can be broken. There are other ways, better ways to deal with your emotional pain and stress. You’ll not only get relaxed mentally and physically; you’ll discover yourself anew. Magic mushroom retreats or psilocybin retreats are an extremely effective way to do that. During these retreats, you’ll experience a mystical, out-of-the-world sort of journey, possibly accompanied by visions and emotional changes.

Yet experimenting with psychedelics is unsafe unless you do so under the supervision of experienced shamans in an organized and controlled environment. That’s where organizations like The Meehl Foundation come into play, which connects you to nature and takes you back to where you belong, and that too in a modern way in an extremely risk-free and comfortable environment.

Now perhaps you’d ask how they do it and that is what we are going to explain in detail in this article. We’ll tell you all about their approach, the different retreats and ceremonies they organize, and the schedule they follow.

Meehl Foundation; What We Do And How? 

At the Meehl foundation, we do things differently when compared with other organizations conducting and organizing such retreats. We do everything in the light of old wisdom, guided by the elders of ancient tribes who have been practicing these rituals and preparing psilocybin medicines for centuries. Our programs are inclusive. People of every age, race, and religion can become a part of our retreats and embark on their journey of spiritual transformation.

But the best part is yet to be unveiled. we, do not IMPOSE anything at Meehl Foundation. You can choose your healing path and do as little or as much as you feel comfortable doing. This way, we empower you and give you control of not only your healing journey but yourself as well.

From plant medicine to Kambo, and shamanic soul retrieval, we offer a wide range of retreats that you can choose from according to your emotional and spiritual needs and level of comfort. Below, we have described some of those retreats in detail.

Plant Medicine 

Upon reaching the Meehl Foundation Spiritual retreat Center situated at Springdale, Washington, USA, you’ll find yourself surrounded by nature and wildlife. The center is sprawled across 45 acres with a plethora of wild plant medicines for you to explore. Everything will be done with extreme caution and under the supervision of a certified practitioner. The plants that the medicines are obtained from for your ethereal experience include:

  • Cacao: a loving and gentle plant known to reduce stress medically and is famous for awakening a feeling of deep consciousness and euphoric connection on the spiritual level. cacao ceremony

  • Niños Santos: native to all the Americas, these plants are recognized as curative medicines for mind, body, and spirit. women mushrooms

  • Yopo & Hapè: used to cure a range of physical and spiritual ailments, these two plant medicines are particularly beneficial for those who are battling any kind of addiction. There’s a variety of them available at the center and you can choose Yopo and Hape according to your spiritual needs and calling. Rape' hape'

  • Sananga: Amazonic shamans recommend these for the treatment of all ocular disorders. It improves night vision along with cleansing your aura of negative energy. It is also known to increase one’s good luck and opens the eyes of the spirit that awakens spiritual insight and vision.

What to Expect? 

While embarking on the healing journey, you should keep in mind that the experiences you have during the retreat are specific to you only. And if you decide to attend another ceremony afterward as well, you should know that every individual experience is different; tailored specifically to meet your emotional, physical, and mental needs at the time.

However, commonly reported experiences include shivers, sweating, nausea, the release of negative energy and emotional trauma, deep healing, intense dreams, spiritual insights, visions, etc.


Kambo itself is not the name of any medicine. Instead, it’s the ritual that we follow to call on the healing power of the naturally produced medicine that is obtained from giant monkey tree frogs. That medicine is a waxy substance, a protective layer secreted by the frog. You should know that we deeply respect the animal that provides us with the substance. During the process, these frogs are captured humanely from the surroundings, the wax is gently scraped from their legs and they are released back into the wild after that.

The most important aspect that makes this medicine unique of all, is that it is considered a live medicine because it is obtained from a living creature without harming it, instead of dead drugs that we are often prescribed to take. This fact makes it the perfect one for spiritual ailments since it is the life force moving through the frog that guides us on our journey of healing and connects us to ancient wisdom.

What To Expect 

Before getting to know what you get at the end of Kambo, you should be aware of how the process is done.

Kambo is a strong purgative and the wax is applied topically. For it to affect however, it is applied on the superficial burns that are made to sear the uppermost layer of the skin so that wax can be absorbed and be a part of your lymphatic system. It then travels to your heart and crosses the blood-brain barrier. This triggers a chain of chemical reactions in the body and as a result, what you experience is specific to you only.

During Kambo, most people reported feeling intense warmth, sweating profusely, increased heartbeat, cramps, or body pain, and sometimes mild swelling as well. With all this, comes nausea and it slowly builds, leading you to the final feeling of purge, and the ceremony ends.

But it doesn’t end as the ceremony concludes. Even several hours after experiencing Kambo, you can have heightened awareness, with a general feeling of well-being and a deeper connection with your inner self. It reboots your body mechanism in the long run, ridding you of negative emotions and bad luck.

Soul-Retrieval Retreat 

This is an intense three-day retreat during which you will get to experience a variety of mystical activities and embark on a guided, well-arranged healing journey under the supervision of a certified practitioner. This is specifically for you if you find yourself attracted to ancient ceremonial activities and are fed up with modern-day medicinal practices.

While western medical practitioners focus on healing symptoms rather than the core problem, during soul-retrieval retreats we focus on helping you to find your missing pieces, put them together and work on a deeper level to heal your soul. The inclusive activities we organize during these retreats are drumming, medicine bag making, different exercises, healing sessions, spirit guides, dancing, music, and much more that will cleanse your mind and body completely and completely transform your way of perceiving the world around you.

Soul Retrieval

What to Expect 

Different people experience the aftereffects of the soul-retrieval process differently. However, it's common to go through feelings and encounter things that you might not understand as the parts of your soul rejoin you. While your body integrates those parts and gets acquainted with newly acquired energy, you can have flashbacks from past experiences and recall memories that can be pleasant or unpleasant.

But these signs are not just mental or emotional you can sometimes feel physical signs as well such as you may experience mild flu or aches. Nausea has also been reported but there is nothing to worry about in all that. It goes on until the integration process completes and as soon as it does, these signs stop immediately and you’ll find yourself plunged into a deep feeling of peace and will be able to think freely without your trauma and negative experiences burdening you.

As you go through all these changes after soul retrieval, it's crucial that you give your body and mind to integrate those changes. For this purpose, you are suggested to take some time off your work to relax and practice calming exercises; such as deep breathing, meditation, or yoga.

Other Experiences and Activities You Can Do With The Meehl Foundation 

We, at The Meehl Foundation, present you with a variety of options that you can choose from according to your needs, preferences, and level of comfort. Other than the activities mentioned above, you can also participate in a psilocybin ceremony during which you experience a 5-hour mushroom retreat. It also includes other activities that help integrate the experience and reconnect with your spiritual self; such as drumming, dancing, and different ancient rituals. All of this is done under the supervision of an experienced shaman in a modern, comfortable environment.

Moreover, you can also be a part of the Cacao ceremony. During this, cacao beans are crushed and mixed with water, cacao butter, and a bit of sugar to make the taste bearable since these beans can taste bitter. After the intake, you participate in the integration activities which are the same as the activities done during other retreats and ceremonies. You can choose to have your experience in quiet and peace or in the rhythm of soulful music when you do it for the first time.

To summarize it all, even though these ceremonies were frowned upon and considered unsafe, or even dangerous in the past, now more and more people are turning towards finding natural remedies for physical problems and emotional issues. The researchers have also finally started supporting the use of these medicines obtained from nature and encouraging people now to return to treatments obtained from ancient wisdom.



Recover the missing pieces of yoursoul for LASTING healing

Rediscover innocence and return to joy by reclaiming your truth

Heal trauma through shamanic journey and healing trancework

Discover realistic skills to stay healed in ANY situation

Learn to guide soul retrieval for yourself and others

You are being called to heal...


You are being called to reclaim the lost and missing pieces of yourself, re-enliven the ancient healing ways and reawaken the medicine of spirit in a way so vibrant, concentrated, so powerful, and so profound that it radiates out into the world around you long after your healing has begun.


Will you answer the call?


Ancient wisdom teachings and practical modern practices to heal, restore, and revitalize yourself naturally.

The REAL secret to shamanic journey and trancework that will shortcut the realigning of your chakras and accelerate healing on every level.

Elemental healing ceremonies and rituals to connect intimately with Mother Earth and align deeply with the natural universe.

Powerful, wholistic methods to connect more fully with your totem animals and spirit guides

The ancient art of Soul Retrieval – the sacred shamanic approach to HEALING ON A SOUL LEVEL

This retreat is for you if... 

 You are fascinated by the potential of shamanic medicine for whole-person healing. 

You are intrigued by theMODERN application of  ceremonial practices and tribal wisdoms of old and want to take a step toward learning their use for healing yourself. and want to take a step towards learning its use for healing yourself.

You are weary with Western Medicine's fragmented approach to medicine and desire a more wholistic approach to healing by working with your body's natural subtle energy systems.

You are looking for ways to increase vitality and whole-person wellness  by clearing and aligning your subtle energies with the natural practices of Energy Medicine so you can live longer, enjoy elevated wellness and experience deep spiritual connection to your body and the world around you.

"It's emotionally charged, it's DEEP work, it's intensive..."

For millennia, the shamans of the Andes have understood what Western culture ignores: true healing is an awakening to a vision of our healed nature and the experience of infinity.

"Transform your body, heal your SOUL… "

Once closely guarded, Soul Retrieval is a set of sacred technologies that transform the body, heal the soul, and can change the way we live and die.
At the Soul Retrieval Retreat, we bridge these ancient wisdom teachings with cutting-edge neuroscience to teach you how to bring about the life you have dreamed of.

"You will heal the CORE issue rather than addressing the symptoms..."

Reclaim the lost and missing pieces of yourself and return to wholeness and healing. You can reaffirm the sovereignty of your soul and finally harness the fullness of your inner power.

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About Debra Meehl

I believe that nothing happens by accident.  So when I was born into a family where my mother was an only child and I was an only child. I would discover why I was, “to walk alone” as a Native American Seer told me. My DNA confirms that half of my ancestors traveled on the Mayflower and half crossed the Barring Straight from Russia.  The only reason this matters is the confirmation of the dreams and visions I have always had.  It also helps those who need to tell me that I, “don’t look like a Shaman or Native American.”

When I met and married my husband – Mark – In 1999 , my life was changed in the blink of an eye.  He was diagnosed a year after we were married with Bipolar Disorder and PTSD.  I went from being a Paramedic trained in Psychological Emergencies to an Ordained Minister trained in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT).  Several years after, I would be trained as a Clinical Hypnotherapist and many years later as a Shaman.

Leading those willing to Soul retrieval, totem animals and the removal of dark energy (negative entities) was my where the God/Divine of my understanding has always called me.  For years I had no label for what I did.  How I “stood in the gap” for people and called in healing for them or how I could lead them to “find the missing pieces of their soul” that they had lost during trauma or fear.  At the time there was no manual, God/Goddess led me every step of the way. With few teachers I was dependent on tapping into Divine mind and living with “God is my source and supply”.   To say that my third eye is open and that I have Clair-cognition is an understatement, when I am dealing with my clients.

Allowing yourself to be a vessel for others healing is an honor, but not an easy path.  My unwillingness and attachment to the outcomes of situations has made it very difficult at times. There are life skills that can be taught to help with this, many are Zen-like principles that have been taught for thousands of years in the tribes that we no longer belong to.  These are the principles along with Soul level healing that change people’s lives, as they have changed mine.  There is no person or group of “elders” or tribe that can “confirm” your Shamanism no matter what others tell you.  The Spirit calls you to this way of life, and believe me when I tell you.   It is a way of life!


About Micheal Meehl

Four years ago Micheal began the “hero’s decent” the “warriors Journey “to healing and transformation.  Alcohol was the first to go, followed by several years of celibacy.  He gave it all to the Goddess of his understanding and laid bare his heart and soul.  It took months of reading, Echeart tolle; Allen Watts, Sadgrure, for him to form a clear understanding of giving up his “wants” and “needs” and to release his pain and expectations to the  Devine.  He dug deep but was still angry…everyday…. until the death of his ego…some 3 years later.

It was only after a GOD dose of Mushroom followed by a GOD dose of LSD and a week of mico-dosing, that he woke  up to the most beautiful peace in his heart,  that has never left him. Love, Peace and Joy was all he felt. All he wanted was to feel “unconditional love” the Goddess provided that and more, with profound healing of his heart and mind.

Micheal had spent years partying with mushrooms and LSD, with well over 200 experience with both, but nothing had prepared him for this transformation.  He had read about it, meditated on it, and was on a quest for it, but never quite understood what was possible until it happened.

This, transformation is remarkable since he comes from a childhood filled with Trauma, Abuse and neglect.  Beatings, head injuries, ICU stays for illness and trauma were common place. Having multiple near death experience, in his childhood and adult life.   Neurodivergent, PSTD and Dylexia has been close companions to this warrior with a poets heart all his life.

Micheal comes with a life-time of skills and aptitudes for holding ceremony.  With his healing came a “frequency change” that allowed him to fully step into his god-given gifts, personal power and find his own path to help others.  He holds that frequency for the healing of all our clients, especially the men with PTSD and Trauma.  He understands “holding space” for our clients.  He is the divine masculine, which allows him to hold space for other men without needing his ego. This allows men to let go, be vulnerable, drop their shield and receive the healing that they need without judgement.

Micheál proclamation:

I am Micheal Anthony Meehl vessel of the Wonderer, embodiment of the Wise One.

He who sacrifices, ego, and Self for the Wisdom of the Well, Son of ValKyrie.

Guide to the Underworld. Consort of Hella. Warrior Poet. Passionate Lover of Life. Balancer, wielding the Blade of Death with Wisdom and Responsibility.

I am carrier of the Crown of Horn and the Cloak of Roots, carrying the Blessings of the Horned God to the Queen of all Magic.

I am nurturer and Shield to the Divine Feminine, Beloved Queen of the Forest and my Shaman

I am Protector, Keeper of the Old Ways, Watcher of Time and Space.





About Embry Li Smith

I am a multi-generational intuitive, an ordained priestess, intercultural shaman, certified professional life coach, published author, and avid mythological omnivore. I have extensively studied Dianic Wicca, World Shamanism, Hoodoo, Feri, Druidry, Pillar Seiðr, traditional witchcraft, American folk magic and medicine, and Herbalism. And I am currently working toward a Doctorate of Ministry. All to better walk the path of healing with a true priestess’ heart.

I use my lifetime of studies to help other people take control and change their lives... for the better. It's not always pretty, and it's not always clean, but it IS the single most fulfilling thing I can imagine doing.

I am a lover of culture, religion, ritual, and learning. I believe in bare feet, nature, and magic; in drumming and dancing and bare skin kissed by fire and moonlight. I believe that healing is found in the ecstasy of spirit and achieved through shadow work, soul retrieval, and deep transformation. I believe that life can be shaped to by will and intention. I believe in feeling life deeply and embracing her fully and that is exactly what I help clients achieve by doing the work that needs to be done. Because I also believe in YOU.

Don’t let the sweet smile and doe eyes fool you. I have a sordid love affair with the deep and heavy transformational work that makes other healers cringe. I may love quality tea, snuggly beds, and beautiful words as much  as the next person (okay, probably more), but this work – this bright and beautiful, dark and gritty work – is my passion.

I put my heart and soul - my blood, sweat, and tears (sometimes literally) – into defining a NEW way of healing…something never before seen in the Western world’s model of medicine: a system that embraces and honours the spirit as well as the body, empowering each and every person I work with to step into the fullness of their own divine power as a priest/ess of their own life and their own deep (and deeply personal) spirituality; a new paradigm and a new program for teaching wholistic spiritual healing on a SOUL level.




The Meehl Foundation is a non-profit 501(c )(3). 100% of all sales and proceeds are applied to program funding and development. Mark & Debra Meehl receive NO compensation from tuition, purchases, or donations. These services provided are a labor of love.

For 13 Years, Debra and the Meehl Foundation has helped hundreds of people recover from mental illnesses such as:

Imagine Healing As Natural As Breathing

Imagine intuitively knowing when something is out of balance AND how to correct it immediately.

Imagine keeping your mind, body, and subtle energies in a state of renewed wellness ALL THE TIME.

Imagine manifesting your desires effortlessly and living the kind of life you've always dreamed of.

Imagine helping the people you love live this level of wellness and connection.

Imagine having a profound connection with every organ and cell in your body... with every plant, tree, rock, and animal on Earth... with every star in the universe.

These are the kinds of outcomes you can expect when you learn how to work with the medicine(s) of Spirit. And thanks to this intense 3-day retreat, you can enjoy them more easily and joyfully than ever before... starting RIGHT NOW.

What Others Say

“For the first time I can live a happy and full life.”


With the skills I have learned and my faith in Christ I don’t carry the burdens I once did. For the first time in 23 years I can live a happy and full life.


“I was empowered to save myself.”


All I knew when I decided to come to the Meehl Foundation was that I was tired of being depressed and I was looking for someone to save me. Little did I know, I would instead be empowered to save myself.


“Deb is wise, insightful.”


Deb is wise, insightful, and straightforward. She cuts through the nonsense and gets straight to the core of you and the problem.



The Meehl Foundation Spiritual Retreat Center is a beautiful place.  I had the opportunity to meet and bond with the most incredible like-minded women, and I departed with a new appreciation for all the sacred wisdom shared.  My journey as a healer will now be enlightened by all the love and knowledge I gained from this retreat. 

~Marilyn Dunlap

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Monthly 2023 Springdale WA

Where is it?

The Meehl Foundation Spiritual Retreat Center

Springdale, WA  99173


Situated on 47 acres in the state of Washington in the Pacific North West, The Meehl Foundation Spiritual Retreat Center is a beautiful, sprawling home situated on a vortex of intense healing energy. 47 acres of complete the magnificent grounds; safe and secure with plenty of sleeping accommodations, rest room facilities, comfortable indoor and outdoor meeting spaces, a covered patio,  a labyrinth, and a powerful medicine wheel.  

We have 3 types of "glamping" A cabin that has a stove in the Winter and airconditioning in the summer it sleeps 8.  A dome ( with airconditioning and a stove in the winter) that is very romantic for couples that want that alone time and a Bell Tent that sleep 4 with a stove in the Winter.

3 Days and 2 Nights Accomodation Included

Three large bell tents are provided for luxury "glamping" in addition to the houses three guest rooms. All tents are air conditioned and furnished with sturdy air mattresses, quality 600 thread-count sheets and down-alternative hypoallergenic pillows for a comfortable and stylish stay.

There is also a small library with space for meditation, a stone patio/pergola with a firepit, a garden, a labyrinth and one of the only functioning medicine wheels on the Gulf Coast.

6 Gourmet Meals Included

Gourmet gluten free, sugar free AND Vegetarian... Vegan options available upon request.
Nourishing the body/soul by sharing a meal is an essential part of any gathering at the Center, with food thoughtfully prepared with healing ingredients for the mind, body, and spirit.

What are the activities?

Guided journeying, drumming, ceremonies, medicine bag making, totem animals, Soul Retrieval, exercises, healing sessions, spirit guides, relaxing, eating, dancing, music and much more!

Can I brings friends and family? Who can attend?

Absolutely! However, we are limited to 6 spots, so register now!

Anyone can attend.  If under 18, parent / guardian approval is required.

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Soul Retrieval

Monthly 2023


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