Countless numbers of theologians, philosophers, sages, and scholars have tried to give a befitting description and definition to the soul. Many definitions make it impossible to describe the soul as an object; rather, it is that part of a human that defines everything. With that said, we can safely define the soul as the source of life in this article. This force of life is what informs the structure, and the outer form and shape we carry – the body. It is safe to say that the soul is not in the body, rather the body in the soul.

Now that we have established the meaning of the soul, it is important for us to equally speak about soul retrieval as a type of shamanic healing. However, we cannot talk about the healing of the soul, except we first talk about how the soul is lost. So we must first delve into the path of soul loss before finding the soul and retrieving its lost parts.

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What is Soul loss?

Soul loss is typically the disconnection you feel with your soul, hence causing a feeling of being totally connected with his or her body, and not engaging life to its fullest. There are a lot of symptoms that come with soul loss. If you have addictions, then you might be pointed to the fact that you also have a soul loss.

Symptoms of Soul Loss

  • A feeling of disconnection from yourself
  • Having a feeling of disconnection from your loved ones
  • Having a feeling of a missing part somewhere
  • Depression
  • A feeling of helplessness in situations, not knowing what to do
  • Experiencing a “dark night of the soul”

Causes of Soul Loss

Common causes of soul loss arise from PTSD or abuse in any form: sexually, emotionally, physically, mentally, either suffered or self-inflicted. Sometimes when you have a near-death experience, it can result in soul loss. Rejection or broken-heartedness, acting against your moral beliefs or standards. You should also check the type of relationship you have with the people around you. If you always feel you have lost your right and power with the other person, then you are also suffering from soul loss. These are just some of the examples, among others.

What is Soul Retrieval?

Soul retrieval is a fruitful process in shamanic healing. It can be the aptest procedure you take in bringing your fragmented soul back to fullness in many situations. Typically, the entire healing procedure is performed by a shaman.

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Many cultures and indigenous people also perform soul retrieval healing to help people gain back what left them. Since the soul escapes from the body when different traumatic events happen, the soul can be called back to its owner. This procedure is observed in some cultures where younger ones get hurt, and the elders help to call their soul’s back, saying a prayer or using plant medicine. Other cultures bring offerings to retrieve souls. Just as it can be done in humans, it can also be done in animals.

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How Soul Retrieval is Done

 Soul retrieval is a simple process that forms the backbone of shamanic healing. The shaman either transits or alternatively guides you from this physical realm into an altered state of consciousness, where one can then experience other realms/planes of existence in which it becomes possible to locate the lost soul part. Occasionally, it occurs that the soul doesn’t know it has left. However, most frequently the soul remains conscious and very aware of the reasons it departed. Either way, a large part of the soul retrieval journey is ensuring that that the soul is also willing to return by healing the pain that caused it’s departure and convincing it that you are now capable of preventing or coping with that pain and better protecting it in the future. Much like reframing, you are then empowered to show that piece of yourself the love and protection that it was denied when it was forced to leave. Through this process the soul is reassured, assuaged, and healed so that you can move forward in life as a whole and healed individual with all of your gifts, talents, abilities, and feelings.

Conclusively, soul retrieval is a procedure that follows soul loss. It is also something we all need to try because soul loss starts from a very young age, even before you are aware of the things happening in your surroundings. This shamanic healing process will restore to you the fragments of your broken soul.

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Soul Retrieval