Spiritual healing has been around for centuries, but ancient traditions can run the risk of losing relevance in a fast-paced world. They must evolve to make sense in the modern day while offering practices and teachings which can be applied to our lives.

Spiritual courses can help provide insight into your deeper connection with the world around you while looking at your own life and the meaningful changes you want to make. Healing isn’t just about standing still. It’s a constant process which involves looking at how we live, our thoughts, emotions, relationships, and what we need to do to unlock our full potential. Staying healed is the key to living a life of joy and authenticity.

The Best Spiritual Courses for Healing

While many have enrolled on courses such as a law of attraction retreat, looking to make insightful changes and live a dream life, the role of shamanic retreats is often overlooked. They’re the ideal way of understanding the principles behind shamanic energy healing and how to evoke connections to the spiritual world.

Some of the benefits of spending time on a spiritual course include:

  • By meeting with expert teachers from different backgrounds, attendees can learn more about what is a shamanic journey and the shamanic path they want to take.
  • Weekend spiritual retreats can offer the ideal setting to meet others, learn the best healing techniques, and take precious time away from your busy life to create an ideal sacred space.
  • Experience various traditions and modalities including shamanic reiki, a meditation course, and how drumming can help with journeying practices.
  • Learn how to use natural healing energies and rituals to address imbalances in the whole person including the mind, body, and spirit.

Our Shamanic & Meditation Retreat Centers

The great thing about shamanic healing is that anyone can do it with the right guidance. Healing energy is all around us in the universe, Earth, and nature, but learning how to connect with the spiritual world is a little more challenging.

Here at the Meehl Foundation’s spiritual center, we host a series of retreats set in casual luxury in which you can meet a variety of teachers from different backgrounds and others with an interest in spirituality. From a meditation weekend retreat to women’s empowerment courses, there are plenty of opportunities to take your spirituality to the next level.

  • Shamanic sisterhood retreat: Join together with like-hearted women on this intensive weekend, intimately connecting with Mother Earth. Hands-on workshops and exercises with expert teachers will help you to learn more about elemental healing.
  • Soul Retrieval retreats: Under the guidance of educator and author, Debra Meehl, experience joyful transformation and shamanic transformation by breaking free of cycles of negativity and suffering to find the authentic you.
  • Medicine wheel retreat: Rediscover the journey and healing embedded in the medicine wheel, spending time with a cross-cultural shaman over the course of the weekend. Experience spiritual awakening and connect with your own teacher spirits.

Take a look at our spiritual courses and book your place.

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