The idea of a luxury retreat is something many want to explore the idea of, but aren’t sure which course is the right one for them. Spiritual retreats offering transformational experiences such as shamanic energy healing are becoming more popular, exploring how authentic ancient techniques can be applied to your modern life.

10 Reasons to Attend Spiritual Retreats

You may have already attended a retreat such as a law of attraction course, but other retreats offer the chance to implement shamanism into your life and begin your shamanic journey.

Retreats can be used by people at any stage of their life to improve their health and well-being. Shamanism takes the belief that we (and everything around us) are surrounded by energy. By connecting our consciousness to our teacher spirits, we can repair imbalances in the energies which may be causing us to experience negativity in emotions, feelings, thoughts and physical health.

By choosing to attend a retreat which offers shamanic healing guidance, here are 10 benefits on offer.

  1. Take time out of your busy life to focus on you and what you want in life.
  2. Learn about shamanism in a relaxed environment with like-hearted people.
  3. Clear your mind and find your truest, authentic self.
  4. Restore balance and heal in mind, body, and soul.
  5. Meet others with a similar interest in spirituality.
  6. Learn from a variety of practitioners from different modalities and teachings.
  7. Let go of negative experiences and end suffering.
  8. Understand what you need to do to make permanent improvements in your life.
  9. Be empowered to start living a life of positivity and joy.
  10. Step back into life with renewed purpose, energy, and confidence.

Finding Retreats for Shamanic Healing Near Me

Here at the Meehl Foundation, we offer a range of retreats set in casual luxury – the ideal setting for learning about shamanic healing techniques, how to make meaningful life changes, and take responsibility for your own healing going forward.

Medicine Wheel Retreat

  • Under the guidance of a shaman (Gwilda iIyaka), go on a journey around the sacred medicine wheel.
  • Learn about the art of galactic shamanism and the modern day application of shamanic principles.
  • Get the resources you need to continue healing at home.

Joyful Transformation

  • Break free from suffering to make empowering changes and live a life of joy.
  • Form a deeper connection to spirit and intuition.
  • Rediscover your passion for authentic living, addressing the whole self to gain a clear resolution.
  • Embark on your unique, personalized journey to step into your purpose.

Shamanic Sisterhood

  • Gather together with other women to form a sisterhood who are passionate about authentic spirituality.
  • Connect with shamanic teachers from a range of practices, experiencing personal healings (e.g., shamanic reiki) and readings as well as techniques conducted in workshops and group sessions.
  • Develop empowerment for your sacred earth walk while tackling global spiritual concerns together.

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