Equinox Blessings Psilocybin Retreat

Spring is in full bloom, with a once-in-a-lifetime eclipse on the way. And just like Mother Gaia, we are bursting with new growth and exciting opportunities.

As a part of integrating with the natural cycle of seasons, we’re offering unique New and Full moon ceremonies each month. This emphasis helps us to honor the holiness of plant sacraments, and awaken to a remembrance of our own sacred place within with the divine matrix of Creation.

To help these elevated experiences anchor into physical luxury, we are initiating a series of renovations and constructions over the next several months, including:

  • A secondary “couple’s dome” going up as soon as the weather permits. Allowing us to offer a more intimate and private experience to couples healing together.
  • A brand new bath house, set to be completed this June
  • New bell tents for luxury glamping, that will be installed and ready for use in the next two months
  • A newly planted seasonal garden on-site for a truly farm-to-table culinary experience!

If you’ve ever wanted to experience the healing magic and sacred ritual of plant ceremony, now is the very best time to book while spaces are sill available.

After all, Spring is the best time for new beginnings. The land is uniquely beautiful right now. And we have over 45 acres of wild wisdom for you to explore, filled with vibrant and flourishing plant teachers to support and nourish your healing journey.

Ceremony can be booked at www.meehlfoundation.org/plant-medicine

Please call us directly at 979.248.0840 if you wish to schedule a private family ceremony in your state or mine (Washington).