The word “Joy” could mean many things to many people, but what most people don’t understand about joy, is it’s not a word – it’s a feeling….


A very POWERFUL feeling. It’s the goosebumps on your skin as the morning air kisses your skin, the warmth you feel sitting by a campfire with a close friend without a care in the world, the contentment and ease you feel when you see your child playing outside on a perfect spring day. The thrill of dancing to your favorite song!



Joy isn’t illusive, but one thing is clear…joy is lacking in today’s society!



Our past, along with our day to day experiences can take a major toll on our ability to tap into that joyful feeling – it’s incredibly distracting when you’re constantly thinking about negative experiences that have happened, or that are happening to you now. But If you stripped away everything negative in life and could actually focus on just sitting inside of that feeling, I’ll bet you’d do anything to keep it! Joy is a beautiful feeling, everyone deserves to have it, and you can too – it just takes a little practice.

While taking away every negative aspect in life is impossible, it is possible to step into joy, but it takes some pretty radical acceptance and self-authenticity to achieve it.


What does this mean exactly?

Glad you asked! First, I’d like to talk about acceptance. Let me set the scene for you…

You’re stuck in traffic, it’s 105 degrees outside, you’re hungry, your radio doesn’t work, and all you want to do is go home, kick off your shoes, sit on the couch in your nice air conditioned home, and grab some dinner. It’s all you can think about.

While you sit there, the idea of being stuck in a stand still traffic jam when it’s hotter than the pits of hell makes you aggravated, and soon – you get angry. Each inch you edge forward amplifies the anxiety that you’re STUCK, at this rate you’ll be home when pigs fly!

You put your head in your hand and sit there with aggravation running through your blood, it’s an awful and totally annoying experience, and after the day you had – you’re just over the whole thing!

Acceptance in this situation sounds virtually impossible. Like what on earth could be acceptable about this situation, I mean let’s get real, NO ONE wants to sit in a hot car after a long day! Let’s dig into this a little deeper so you can pick up what I’m laying down.


Acceptance is a form of gratitude.

Again, I know – how can you be grateful in a hot car! It’s easy. In fact, when you put aside the hot car, your desire to be home, your growling tummy – you’re left with a few things to be really grateful for.

You have a job. You have a car. You have a home. You have air conditioning. You’re alive!!!

See it’s incredibly simple to complain about things when we forget to appreciate the things we do have. Sadly, ego ties into this too, and when ego appears we tend to focus on what we don’t have, and what we want right now – we can’t just accept what is happening around us which leaves us feeling like the world is against us!

The world isn’t against you – you’re just unable to shift your thoughts to what you do have which would radically help you accept this inconvenience as just a part of the beautiful life you have!

Sounds easy, sure – but really it takes some practice to get the hang of. It’s all about perspective and ego. I know that word sounds SO ugly, but honestly ego plays a big part in being able to accept life as it is, and not how you’d have it play out. The reality is, you’re uncomfortable sitting in a hot car, and while that doesn’t make you egotistical, it does threaten your level of comfort which triggers a powerful negative response in the brain. The idea here is to catch this kind of thinking and go directly into gratitude.

Trust me, it could be worse, you could be the guy in the wreckage up the road that won’t be going home to his family tonight. Perspective yes? Kinda makes you feel like you were pissed off for no good reason huh? Helps you appreciate the sweat beating off your brow don’t it!

Good…it should!

Now let’s talk about the 2nd half of this.


Stepping into Joy through self-authenticity

Have you ever had a great idea, but decided against it? Maybe you thought well, in hindsight this sounds great, but I’m not so sure this idea of mine is achievable.

Or maybe you decide to take a position at work that you would rather avoid, but logic says if you don’t take the position everyone will wonder how on earth you’d turn such an opportunity down.

Have you ever dated someone way longer than you should have because overall, they appear to be what societies standard says is an acceptable mate?

How’d that work out for you?

My guess is probably pretty bad. You see, our gut is very powerful. It has the ability to tell us the truth about situations that our mind can’t. Our mind runs off of logic and overcomplicated mathematical equations – where if the odds would result in being uncomfortable, it signals you to do the next logical aka “safe” thing.


What people don’t realize is that your initial gut instinct is almost ALWAYS right!

Think back for a moment, how many times did you turn your back on your authentic self to instead do the things you think are expected of you? How well did it play out? Did it pose years of even more uncomfortability? Did you regret it? Did you wish you would have listened to yourself?

The answer to these questions are probably yes. The funny thing about listening to your gut is that it usually aligns with the universe and your ultimate path in life. The moment you step away from that is when you start experiencing that lack of joy.

Now think about the times you actually followed your gut instincts, your most authentic self. How easy was your path? Did it almost feel like the universe was aligning perfectly and your goals were being met with ease? It should, because this is what stepping into your self-authenticity feels like!

Now when you combine true acceptance and self-authenticity you are aligned with the universe and are free to experience joy in its purest form – no matter what’s going on around you, no matter what people do or say, you can step into joy and stay there! This is a fantastic state to be in because not only does it FEEL really great, but ultimately your walking your own path, and there’s really no better feeling on earth than that!

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