Plant Medicine- Yopo Snuff


plant Medicine-yopo The plant medicine - Yopo comes from a tree that grows mainly in the Caribbean and South America. It is known to grow up to twenty meters high.  Both the seeds and the

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Shamanic Healing-How to choose a Shaman


Debra Meehl Shaman In the selection of a shaman for ritual ceremonies, it is important that you know if your shaman is genuine or if he’s a fraud. It’s not easy to find out

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Shamanic Healing-Soul Retrieval


soul retrieval Soul Retrieval for Trauma plant medicine Healing our Ancestors     Soul Retrieval for Depression Kambo Treatment Free Ebook soul loss Shamanic Healing

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Shamanic Healing for “The Dark Night of the Soul”


Shamanic Healing The ‘Dark Night of the Soul’ refers to a difficult period of your life when you genuinely need to be healed and helped through challenging times. Those of us who prioritize spiritual

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Shamanic Healing- Soul Retrieval for PTSD


Shamanic Healing Trauma Soul retrieval Delving into the Lower World The Lower World is considered as an earthly paradise. You can return any time that you would like. And this is also where the

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Plant Medicine-Ayahuasca


plant medicine Possibly the queen of entheogens, Ayahuasca is one of the most potent psychedelics, hallucinogenic, entheogenic, psychoactive, psychotropic and psychiatric medicinal plant mixtures ever discovered, however done properly and in Shamanic Ceremony psychedelic or

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Psychedelic mushrooms and Soul Retrieval


psychedelics for Soul Loss Psychedelic treatments have become some of the most powerful therapeutic tools for personal healing and growth, today. The Psychedelic mushrooms that are the main center of these treatments are often referred

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Psilocybin Mushrooms-Shamanic Healing


plant medicine Shamanic healing and mushrooms have been inextricably tied together for centuries. As healers know, mushrooms can possess incredible powers that help the body and the mind. Known for their dark spores, these mushrooms

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Psilocybin Mushrooms and Enlightenment


Psychedelic Mushrooms The uses and benefits of mushrooms are so numerous Mushrooms look like plants but they are not, they are part of a group of organisms called fungi. Lots of species and subspecies

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Free Plant Medicine Ebook


Free plant medicine Ebook Free Plant Medicine Ebook- Learn about Shamanic Healing for Soul Retrieval, for Soul Loss and how healing with plant medicine and the Elements can heal

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