Shamanic Healing-Everything is Medicine


plant medicine   Everything is medicine. And so are you. There is a spirit of deep wisdom buried within you that holds the power to heal this brokenness. You can change your name, you

Shamanic Healing-Everything is Medicine2020-02-06T16:53:34-06:00

Spiritual Courses & Their Benefits


Spiritual healing has been around for centuries, but ancient traditions can run the risk of losing relevance in a fast-paced world. They must evolve to make sense in the modern day while offering practices

Spiritual Courses & Their Benefits2018-10-10T20:11:29-05:00

Shamanic Practices for Women’s Empowerment


While it’s one of the oldest spiritual traditions in the world, shamanism is far from an outdated practice. Contemporary shamanic practices are used to enhance personal empowerment as well as for guidance and healing.

Shamanic Practices for Women’s Empowerment2020-02-06T15:52:23-06:00

Shamanic Healing Rituals for Personal Empowerment


When looking to change your life for the better, habits and rituals are one of the best ways to make meaningful, permanent changes which will make a real difference to how you think, feel,

Shamanic Healing Rituals for Personal Empowerment2020-02-06T15:54:14-06:00

Shamanic Healing NYC – The Ideal Retreat Center for You


When looking to lay the foundations of your shamanic studies, it’s easy to want to do this in the place where you spend much of your time. However, for those looking for shamanic healing

Shamanic Healing NYC – The Ideal Retreat Center for You2020-02-06T15:54:53-06:00

Shamanic Dream Guide: What Are Conscious Dream Journeys?


plant medicine The various traditions involved in shamanism and its benefits have taken many paths across the years. From meditation to the use of sound, finding the right practice for you requires

Shamanic Dream Guide: What Are Conscious Dream Journeys?2020-02-06T16:11:33-06:00

Body, Soul, & Spirit Expo: Vancouver


We will be vendors that the expo January 4-6, 2019.  We hope to see you there followed by  a 3-day workshop January 11-13th  IN THIS INTENSE 3-DAY RETREAT, YOU WILL DISCOVER: Ancient wisdom teachings and practical

Body, Soul, & Spirit Expo: Vancouver2018-10-11T17:23:20-05:00

Shamanic Journey: The Secrets of an Ancient Tradition


A far cry from its ancient roots, shamanism has now evolved to meet the needs of the modern world. Some think it’s only a select group who can participate in shamanic practice, but people

Shamanic Journey: The Secrets of an Ancient Tradition2020-02-06T16:13:04-06:00

Shamanic Healing Near Me: Ultimate Retreat Experiences


People looking to change their lives have an abundance of choice before them. This includes training such as a law of attraction course and healing techniques such as shamanic reiki. It can be a

Shamanic Healing Near Me: Ultimate Retreat Experiences2020-02-06T16:13:28-06:00
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