Psilocybin Mushrooms and Enlightenment


Psychedelic Mushrooms The uses and benefits of mushrooms are so numerous Mushrooms look like plants but they are not, they are part of a group of organisms called fungi. Lots of species and subspecies

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Free Plant Medicine Ebook


Free plant medicine Ebook Free Plant Medicine Ebook- Learn about Shamanic Healing for Soul Retrieval, for Soul Loss and how healing with plant medicine and the Elements can heal

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Plant Medicine-Yopo


The yopo is an important, ancient Amazonian plant you might not have come across before. While there is a wealth of information about ayahuasca and other substances, yopo is not as commonly found. However, it

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Plant Medicine-History of Women Shaman


  Although female shamans have been found across different cultures throughout history, their roles have been suppressed. While the abilities and powers of men in plant medicine and shamanism continue to be passed on,

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History of Mushrooms


Plant Medicine Most of us know that mushrooms are actually a fungus but many times they are lumped into the vegetable category.  The most common mushroom and the most consumed is the button mushroom

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Psychedelic Mushrooms, Consciousness and Ego


Plant medicine Psychedelic compounds found in mushrooms are known to alter your consciousness profoundly. They are known to affect the way we think and feel significantly in a way that ‘opens the mind,’ or increases

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Psychedelic Mushroom Vs. Ayahuasca


Psychedelic Mushroom plant medicine-psychedelic mushrooms Psychedelic mushroom is also known as magic mushrooms and contains psilocybin, which is a natural occurring psychoactive compound. Psilocybin, the active compound present in hallucinogenic mushrooms has been recommended by

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Psychedelic Mushrooms and Enlightenment


Plant medicine History of Psychedelic use Magic, hallucinogenic or psychedelic mushrooms have been in use for thousands of years and by various ethnic groups. Therе are ancient depictions of mushrooms on the rocks in

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Plant Medicine-Yopo


plant medicine-yopo Anadenanthera peregrine is a perennial tree that originated from Venezuela and Brazil. Yopo is extracted from this tree and for about 4000 years, it has been widely used by the natives of the

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Plant Medicine for Depression


Plant medicine for depression Depression has become a second-leading ailment in the world just behind cardiovascular diseases. Science is still baffled with what's causing people to suffer from it and the question of treating depression

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