When many people look at their lives, they see a lot of things they’re unhappy with, whether it’s their health, relationships, career or even their own thoughts and feelings about themselves.

It can be difficult to find both the motivation and knowledge to make the changes you need to in order to start living the life you want to. Transformational retreats are the ideal solution, finding modern ways to teach people how to make positive, lasting changes to their mind, body, and spirit.

What Happens at Transformational Retreats

When looking for spiritual courses such as a law of attraction retreat or meditation retreat, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed when finding the right place to start. Shamanic practices are a popular choice, taking ancient traditions and applying them to modern life, helping people learn rituals which have been engrained in cultures for thousands of years.

Contemporary shamanism takes those who are open to it on a shamanic path, transforming lives by helping form deep spiritual connections to energies in everything around us. By developing our awareness of such energies, we expand our consciousness to help restore balance in ourselves and others who practice with us.

What you can discover at a shamanic meditation weekend retreat:

  • Meet teachers from different shamanic backgrounds, traditions and modalities, learning how they practice and how it can benefit you.
  • Address the whole self, including the physical body, thoughts, feelings, and emotions. What’s causing you to stay in a cycle of suffering? How can you heal and stay healed?
  • Experience the power of rituals and habits, as well as practices such as shamanic drumming, shamanic reiki, and meditation.
  • Gain clarity and perspective, understanding what you need to do to transform your life.
  • Go forth with renewed confidence and motivation to achieve your goals and make the meaningful changes you need to be happy.

By attending weekend spiritual retreats, it’s the perfect way to take time away to concentrate on you – something which can be difficult when life is so busy.

Series of Weekend Shamanic Retreats

Here at the Meehl Foundation’s spiritual center, we host a series of shamanic retreats set in casual luxury, providing the ideal place to attend a transformational or meditation course. We have some women-only courses as well as mixed weekends, offering great choices for those looking to truly change their lives in the most comfortable setting for their needs.

  • Shamanic Sisterhood: At this elemental healing retreat, you’ll join together with other spiritual women to help map an evolving landscape of modern feminine spirituality.
  • Joyful Transformation: Address setbacks in all aspects of your being, breaking free of suffering by learning techniques which will provide a clear resolution on your personalized journey.
  • Medicine Wheel: Find out answers to the question “what is a shamanic journey?” under the guidance of cross-cultural shaman Gwilda Wiyaka. Discover deep spiritual awakening on the journey embedded within the medicine wheel, connecting with unique totems and teacher spirits.

Take a look at our transformational retreats now to secure your place.