Those who want to change and become the version of themselves they want to be have long found the benefits of attending a retreat. By breaking away from the cluttered thoughts and emotions we experience during our busy everyday lives, it’s possible to find the ideal remedy to focus on ourselves and where we want to take our lives. Weekend spiritual retreats provide a place to explore new practices.

Benefits of Weekend Shamanic Retreats

While some enjoy the benefits of courses such as a law of attraction retreat, shamanic retreats set over a weekend offer the chance to learn how a powerful ancient practice can be used to change your modern day life.

  • By choosing a retreat set over a weekend, it gives you the space to explore the benefits of shamanic practices.
  • Gain all the benefits of a meditation retreat, but learn how to heal suffering rather than learning to leave it behind.
  • Learn how to rediscover the wisdom that’s already within you, gaining a greater understanding of your personal power and how you can take charge of your own healing.
  • Meet expert practitioners who will show you the techniques you need to feel strong and motivated to transform your life.
  • Gain deep connections with the spiritual world, taking guidance for healing and using energies around you to address suffering in the mind, body, and spirit.
  • Don’t just learn how to heal on a temporary basis – understand how to stay healed even when you face tough challenges and setbacks in your life.

What Spiritual Courses Are Available?

If looking for a shamanic healing weekend retreat, the Meehl Foundation’s series of transformational retreats help attendees cover wider aspects of shamanism to help live a life of joy and positivity. Where these differ from a traditional meditation course, they address each part of ourselves, while learning to enter a deep meditative state in order to connect with the spiritual world.

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Here’s a taste of our retreats:

Women Shamans: On our weekend of the Shamanic Sisterhood, we dive deeply into how living ritual, myth, and metaphor can raise the vibrational frequency of love and light on this beautiful planet. Help join together healers from a selection of beliefs and traditions, celebrating your gifts and sharing emerging knowledge. The sacred art of elemental healing helps attendees gain a powerful connection to Mother Earth and heal through personal experience.

Plant Medicine:

Start on your shamanic path with the guidance of a cross-cultural shaman. Uncover answers to the question “what is a shamanic journey?’ while in intimate connection with the spiritual realm. Re-discover the healing journey which is embedded in plant medicine , constructing your plant medicine and learn the medicine wheel wheel using your personal totems.

Joyful Transformation:

Tired of living in a cycle of suffering? Unearth the authentic you while gaining a fast, permanent life transformation. Address the whole self when looking at your setbacks and combine scientifically backed techniques and deep spiritual practices to go on a personal journey of healing. Gain the confidence to step back into life with a renewed purpose to make the changes you need.

Take a look at our series of weekend spiritual retreats and book your place now.

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